5 Commitments every Content Marketers Should Make in 2017!

Finally, new year, 2017, is here. You’ve might have heard that there’s not a great time to invest in content marketing, and actually, statistics don’t lie.

Here are few commitment which every content marketer should adopt to make 2017 your most effective year yet.

  1. Create content with a purpose.

Marketers are so resolute that everyone want to invest in content marketing, but make sure that your content we create serves a purpose.

Let us understand it clearly, imagine if you read an article which says that, Publish a blog post every week as part of content marketing strategy. You do exactly the same, but you don’t publish your post with specific purpose; and you publish whatever you feel like.

Now, think of that one of your competitors also publish one post per week, but he is using that content to support current campaigns, depending on factors such as target keywords, or pre specified calls-to-action.

Don’t make any other piece of content in 2017 unless you state what purpose you are publishing it and how you expect to move your business near your marketing goals.

  1. Expand to new content forms which your audience is engaging with.

Blog posts are good, unless audience never reads. Try to go where your audience are and connect  with them at there.

According to best media management software, Live streaming allow you to grow rapidly in popularity. Many  social media platform such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live or SnapChat offer easy-to-use platforms for host live product briefing services, tours, product launch events, tutorials, and more .

  1. Document your strategy.

Research several Content Marketing Institute often supports the thought that the most effective content marketers are the one who document their strategies well. Research lets you know that organizations who do have a solid strategy, and which review it consistently, are more likely to achieve success.

Don’t have a solid strategy yet in place? There is never been a great time than the new year to get begin with.

  1. Hollow your content down.

You may think that wider content attracts usually a broad range of readers, but the fact is that if you try to reach each of the reader, you’ll left with no one.

Instead of writing a blog post about related to ‘how to attract online customers,’ it’s being better to write about ‘how to attract returning customers by using the Facebook Ads.’”

Find out and explore deeply that exactly what your audience wants, and give that to them.

  1. Invest in content promotion.

According to a research, around 20 percent of your efforts directs to content creation, while rest of the 80 percent of your time usually spent on doing promotion. That ratio might not seem to be appropriate for all of the businesses, but if promotions presently take up only 0 percent of your time, this strategy shift holds value to take a look in 2017.


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