You Need To Know These Five Rules Of Marketing

Marketing is no more a lesser known term by anyone of you. In fact, it’s no more a single framework it has become a broad platform of the digital world. Almost all the aspects today now not only define marketing but they give it a new term called digital marketing. Well, this term is quite in use and marketers no more want the basics, they want the real magic.

So, I am here to tell you that there is no shortcut or spell which will suddenly help you shine but there are these five ground rules which will never change. According to Consulting the Best Seo Company In Portland these rules are based on customer’s integrity, desires, product development and growth:

Have a look!

1.Being first matters more:

Did you understand what I want to say here? Let’s take the example of Coca Cola, the prominent and the first name in the soft drinks industry. Coca Cola first came in 1892 and is the king ever since. After it many brands came and went and only Pepsi which was founded almost 6 years after Coca Cola was able to stand in the competition. Yet in 2015 Coke owned 42.7% of the US market while Pepsi owned 31.1%.

See the difference of being the first!

2.If you cannot begin then create a new one:

For example, Apple already knew that it would not be able to reign the notebook market along with HP and Lenovo, so it decided to create an opportunity for its own : Tablets. Now, you can see the Apple tablets are the most in demand with 29.6% of the market.

That’s how creating the opportunity can take you places!

3.Customers believe in perceptions than products:

This is the reason why people have different products on their mind. No matter Pepsi has always been better in taste tests than Coke but still Coke is making more revenue. Why is that so? Because if you are not first you are nothing in the customer’s mind. So, you might have the better product but what people think is the final result.

Experts from Top Local Seo Consultants And Consulting Services In USA say this does not mean that for creating a good perception in your customer’s mind you will have to be the first. It means the perception of value is important.

4.Remember your slogan binds your customers with you:

Ever since McDonlads has come into existence you have come across many jingles and slogans shared by them and you hardly remember any but if we talk about Nike we know only about “Just do it”. What this implies to you? It’s simple, stability and impact. Keeping one slogan forever has made Nike a well known brand because whenever we think about it we do not jump from one statement to another we just have one in mind. This is the reason it has already surge passed its competitor Adidas. Nike now owns 27.2% of the global footwear market while Adidas owns only 8.7% of the US.

5.Competing at everything sometimes gives you nothing:

Whenever a brand owns its position and significance it tries to expand. The company thinks of excelling in different fields but sometimes expanding under the same name and slogan makes the value low.

So, do not bottle up!

The marketing dimensions are changing and there are many new aspects in the scenario but these five points will always help you to promote your brand.


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