Facebook’s New Features Are Here To Boost Your Ecommerce Business

Carried away with the storm of social media platforms many business owners especially the ecommerce businesses are not able to decide which platform to rely on. People from whom they take a bit of advice fill them with thousands of options again creating a web of confusion. Looking at the competition and the sudden rise in the number of options the rising ecommerce businesses have already accepted this industry as a battlefield where they can live or die as revealed by Top Local Seo Consultants And Consulting Services In USA.

So what are these startups going to do? Well, I do not know about their further plans but I know what Facebook is upto. Facebook’s new features will definitely give the ecommerce businesses a fresh start and that too a beneficial one.

What Facebook has inside the box?

The king of social networking sites has always proved itself to be always there for its audience then how can it stay behind now. Facebook has come forward with a new feature of allowing online transactions directly on its platform and this feature will definitely provide a huge online aid. As almost all the businesses either small or Top Local Seo Consultants And Consulting Services In USA are using Facebook already, they know well about its never diminishing popularity hence it is more advantageous in helping them grow through this new feature. The new feature will enable to sell more on the world’s largest social media platform.

How can you make use of this feature well?

So, let’s know what are the exact properties:

  • You can get quotes
  • Order food
  • Buy tickets
  • Also book appointments

Isn’t that amazing, a social media site providing all those facilities!!!

As the work is more here hence Facebook will work in partnership with Delivery.com, Fandango, Ticketmaster and Slice.


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