Marketing Metrics That Must Be Mastered By New Startups.

When you are just starting as a new business owner, you are very prone to the market risks. So, in order to start fresh and safe one need to follow many marketing metrics, but then the problem is that there are too many marketing metrics. Moreover, following all of them won’t be possible and also it would require a lot of time. Now the ques arises then what are those best marketing metrics to be followed ?

Here we have the list of important marketing strategies which will definitely help the new startups to move ahead quickly and also it will help them gain best SEO rankings.

Master These Marketing Metrics :

  • Web Traffic:  This is the ancestor of all the marketing metrics. It basically covers all the things listed below. It is important to know that from where the content traffic is coming from and what kind of traffic is coming in. one important factor for increasing the traffic is getting leads. This factor is discussed below but here it is important to mention that before investing any lead one should estimate the profit he will get. Moreover, it is also important to keep the track of traffic coming in from different sources. For example, have the record of paid traffic and what is the ROI(return of investment) on it. It should also be noted that how much traffic is coming from organic searches? How much is coming in from the social media and that traffic is due to your own actions (posting, tweeting) or other’s actions like shares.

  • Keyword Ranking: Although keyword ranking might be an old news for the established business owners, but the new one’s must have a quick and good grasp on this. Selecting appropriate keywords is the most quick and easy way to get high ranks on Google search results. Hence, getting the word out that your site contains worthwhile content is indeed an important marketing metrics. This can be done by monitoring the success of your keywords on Google Analytics by performing a custom search.

  • Get popular on Social Media :  Social Media still remains one of the best and easiest way to reach out to the audience. Social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and linkedin can connect you to billions of people all over the world. Thus, the social media reach and shares are an important marketing metrics to master for the new ventures. Moreover, as mentioned above it is important to take the record that how much traffic is coming in from your actions and how much is coming in from other’s actions. If more and more people are sharing your content then it is a sign that people are loving your content.

  • Cost of leads and lead generation: Apart from the social media, another way of knowing from where the traffic is coming in is by tracking, where your leads come from. Your leads will tell you what kind of audience is attracted by your content and also the cost which you are spending on the leads(only if any) is worth the returns or not. Moreover, before tracking down the leads it should be made sure that you first decide an action and should analyze about it strictly.

  • Return Of Investments(ROI):  ROI is one of the most important metrics to master. It is a simple understanding that the profit of the business will naturally depend on the amount invested and the output of that investment. Keeping the track of the money being invested is thus important, that will tell you whether the money is gaining you profits or it is just being wasted. Although calculating ROI is very important but it is also very complex as it includes the cost per piece of content, the traffic it produces, the leads generated by your content and what is the worth of each visitor to your site in terms of potential growth.

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