Google removes 1.84 billion websites

Yes, you have heard it right Google has deindexed over 1.8 billion websites from its search results. This number will continue to mount because there has been a lot of copyright infringement cases. This was confirmed by Google itself on the copyright section of Google’s transparency report. Since, the online market is growing day by day and the fight for the number one spot has also taken a different turn. Now the business owners and the best SEO firms are not only focusing on the best content online, but side by side they have become very watchful and keeping an eye on the copyright issues of their own content. Due to this there has been a rise of about 53% cases in copyright related issues. However,  if we talk about rejection of copyright takedown request they will account merely to a number of 39 million, which is very much less than the amount of sites that are removed by Google these days.

In Google’s report about copyright infringement cases you can track the amount of track down requests google has received overtime. Moreover, you can also track the number of pending URLs, invalid URLs, duplicate URLs and more information about all the actions Google is taking against copyright issues. However, it can be said that Google is apparently quick at responding to the copyright takedown requests as there are zero pending request currently.

What is Copyright Takedown Request? How to make one?

A copyright takedown request is basically a complaint registered by a site to Google stating that it’s content is being used by other sources without their consent. It must be noted that to make a copyright takedown request, the site itself should make sure that it holds the copyrights for that particular matter. However, if the request is not found to be authentic or if Google is not convinced fully, then the request will not hold any weightage and it will be cancelled by Google.

Here’s how the process works :

The copyright takedown request has to be issued by the owner of the copyrighted content. As Google is not sourcing the net all the time and keeping an eye on the copying of content. It becomes the duty of the owner itself to make google aware about it.

As soon as the request is placed, the Google team beings the work to review the request. If the request placed by the owner is authentic and true, the offending URL will be removed. Google will then notify the owner in its own typical fashion through Search Console, that the right action has been taken and the offenders have been punished.

However, in few cases the owner of the removed site issues a counter notification regarding the action taken by Google. In case of such counter notifications, Google once again considers whether or not the content should be indexed in the search results. Just to let you know that over 20 million copyright takedown requests have been issued, leading to the removal of about 1.84 billion URLs from around 900 thousand domains.

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