Get the best out of your Meta Description

Meta description basically provides brief description of your page. It is basically 130-200 character snippet written in a html tag. The search engine shows your meta description along with your site name, during the Google search done by the users. If your meta description holds the searched words or phrases then it will give you best results. Hence, optimizing your Meta Description becomes a vital aspect for your On-Page SEO.

What is the job of a Meta Description?

As mentioned above, the task of a Meta Description is to give the gist of your content in a very optimized manner. Now it is in your hand to optimize it to the fullest and make it worth so that the visitors can be lured to your website. However, according to Google this meta description do not have any direct affect to your rankings, as it do not serve as a ranking factor in Google’s ranking algorithms.

But here’s a catch :

Although meta description do not play any direct role in increasing your ranking, but it plays an important role on increasing your CTR (Click-through-rate). Yes, if the users will find your meta description relevant to their search they will certainly give a visit to your site. Moreover, more the number of clicks on your site more will be the Click-Through-Rate which is inturn a very important ranking factor. So, making an optimized meta description is going to help you a lot in the long run too and also it is helpful in providing best SEO services.

Next up, we will see the ways to create a well optimized Meta Description.

Guidelines to create a good Meta Description

  • It should have 135-160 characters: Your meta description should have character within the range of 135-160. As, chances are there that Google might also add some content like the date of published article or something like that, this will increase the word count. Although the suggested range for a meta description is 200 characters for desktop and 175 characters for mobile devices.

  • It should be written in active voice:  It is important that your meta description is in active voice because writing it in passive voice will make it look dull and won’t grab the attention of the users. Hence, to make it more appealing to the user it should be written in active voice.

  • Call-to-action must be present: The meta description have a call-to-action which means it should be able to reach out to the users. You should use the ways to invite them to use your product and services. For example, you can use invitations like Try it now, Learn more, Get it now etc.

  • Use structured content: Make sure that the content you are writing is completely structured, which means the content in your description should be to the point. For example, if you are selling any product useful to a tech savvy person then you should include the price, manufacturer’s name, any offer if available. This will attract the user straight away and you don’t have to put in much efforts to grab the attention.
  • It should be relevant to the page content: The content in your meta description should be relevant to the rest of the content of your page. It should match the information provided in the page. However, if you fail here the user might click your site but won’t be staying there for long and in addition to that he might not visit it again. So, make sure that the content present in your meta description is matching the rest of the content present on your page.
  • It should contain keywords: If your meta description contains the search keywords then it will act as an icing on the cake. This will allow Google to highlight your description in its search results, not only it will help you gaining high ranks but will also bring you more users.

Your description should be unique: Last but not the least, it is important to make sure that the description should be unique because duplicate description will decrease your user experience. Moreover, you will be seen less on Google or any other search engine. Although if you intentionally want to use duplicate content or asked to do so, then I would advise to leave the meta description section empty. However, in that case Google will automatically add some stuff related to the searched keyword or the queries. After all, it is Google it is smart!

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