Changes that occurred in SEO in the last 10 years

Everything changes with time and so has the world of Search Engine Optimization. There is no doubt about the fact that SEO has become the key factor for the success of your online presence. In it’s starting days people think SEO as a shady practice of gaining good results in short span of time. They used keyword stuffing and link spamming in the name of SEO. However, these practices were stamped out by Google soon after it launched it’s search algorithm. Since then Google has given enormous attention towards its search algorithms and due to that there has been a significant change in the world of SEO and the best SEO firms in the world.

Today, we will see what changes have occurred in the SEO world over the last decade and how it has affected the rankings of different sites all over the internet.

Ways in which SEO has changed so far:

  1. Rise of Content Marketing- The rise of content in the world of digital marketing has changed the game of SEO. Nowadays a lot of importance has been given to  content marketing as compared to the other orthodox marketing ways. Over the years Google has managed to reach a certain standard to classify the content as good or bad for the users. Moreover, after the Panda update in 2011, keyword stuffing and spammy content suffered a death blow. All the search engine winners have adopted content marketing in their SEO practices to stay on the top.
  1. The death of link schemes- Google has its own definition of link schemes, it has also provided some example for the same. However, in simple language link schemes can be defined as any deliberate attempt to influence your rankings illegally.

By the end of 2010, google was able to stamp out most black-hat and spam based link-building practices by penalizing the defaulters or even blocking the whole domain at times.

  1. “Local” becomes the new unique-  Since 2006, the definition of being local has changed completely, with the passage of time local SEO has taken a different form altogether. After the penguin update, Google has given special importance to the optimized sites in the local search too. So, SEO has also become important for the local businessmen too. Moreover, google has also boosted the visibility of high-authority directories in its search results.

4. The rise of Knowledge Graph- Another major change that occurred in SEO is due to the introduction of Google’s Knowledge Graph. It was introduced in 2012, the knowledge graph provides to the point answers to the straightforward queries. These graphs present quick information to the user closed in a box and the information might contain any image or graph with it. Although this is great from the user’s point of view but it overshadows the organic results as it appears  above the organic results.

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