Want to Save your Link Portfolio? 301 redirect will help

Link portfolio is something you achieved through great hard work. If you are rebuilding or redesigning your website than make sure to keep your SEO partner informed as you will surely want to keep those links intact even if you make any changes to the website.

As a part of SEO strategy, links are the one of the most important ranking factors. However building link portfolio with white hat practices that makes Google happy could take some time. You definitely don’t want that all your efforts get useless. So, 301 redirect can help you save your link portfolio. Have a look on what is 301 redirect and how it can help-

What is a 301 redirect?

A 301 redirect divert your any links that are directed to deleted or dead page of your website to a new page on your website. You certainly don’t want to direct your visitors to page that do not exists. This is bad not only from user’s perspective but also if have too many dead links on your site you will loose trust factor. Thanks to Google webmaster tools will alert the website owners if there are too much dead links on the site.

A 301 redirect will be used if you are combining two pages of content into one, deleting any old product pages or moving your website to a new URL. A 301 redirect informs the search engines that this is a permanent move.

Let’s assume your website has six pages and as a part of redesign you want to delete one page. Now you will want to make sure that you are able to keep any inbound links that come to the page that is to deleted. If one of the pages has similar information to the one you are deleting, you could setup a 301 redirect that will point the old URL to the page you have not deleted yet. Therefore, all the links that were directing to the deleted page will be preserved.

What happens when 301 redirect is not used?

The results could be disastrous if its a issue on big scale that is a website is moving completely  to a new domain. Seo company st louis said that they had clients who have moved their websites to a new URL without first letting them know about it. Before they moved it, they forgot to redirect all the links, which represented about two years worth of consistent SEO work. As a result all their efforts were destroyed and their website which used to report 15000 unique websites a month went down to 2000 unique visitors because their new domain didn’t have that trust of the search engines. Because the links were not redirected they lost their link portfolio which is a ranking factor and thus needs to start all over again.


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