Make your customers happy through Email Personalisation

Email Personalisation is the act of targeting an email campaign to a particular subscriber by leveraging the information you have on them. In a study it was found that personalized emails had 28 percent higher open rates and 40 percent higher click rates than emails with no personalization. Customers desire content to be tailored to them and businesses are watching positive impact of having such content.

When it comes to email content data is key to ensure that the messages are relevant and engaging for those who are reading them. A great number of email marketers are using data to make their email or related content more personal. But are they doing enough to achieve Email personalisation.

How to use data to personalise your emails?

Collect Data

Make sure you are collecting user attributes or user actions. This could mean something as simple as adding a “Name” field when people sign up (or in a profile screen).Or you can ask for other information also i.e. location, birthday, favourite color( or any other favorite), interest (areas,products you email about).

Alternatively, you can go a little deeper and store any applicable data you are collecting. This could be something like what your user last purchased or what they’ve searched for.

Use personalised emails to benefit users

Consider what details you are including in your emails as it should give customers a better experience and should not look creepy.

Adding a user’s name is generally a safe first step. However, customizing things based on what a user just searched for could quickly set you on track to success. But at the same time you need to take care of user privacy.

What benefit does your personalisation offer users? You can give your customers something valuable based on their last preferences or purchase. How you personalize your emails depends on what information you acquire and how you can use it to benefit your users.

Check your data

It is very much important to make sure your data is accurate and clean. Using the correct information is crucial in attaining success through email personalisation. In addition, it  is recommended adding logic whenever you can, to make sure details make sense and look personal truly, not automated.

If you have doubt about the validity of any of that data then just skip those details.

To engage users personalise with related content

Consider including information about what user searched for recently on their wish list.

Or you can consider like for example if you had just sold someone a cool new T-shirt. Send them an email pointing out accessories or other clothing items that would coordinate with their new tee. Personalizing with related items can increase sales.

Remember the suggestion of asking favourite color above? Personalisation when it comes to content you can consider it for design also. Changing your email’s color based on a user’s like might not give you a direct benefit for the user, but it’s still a fun touch.

Personalization sparks positive feelings in your customers. Positive feelings make them more likely to think about your company favorably. Personalization can also boost purchases and conversions, because you are using it to send relevant content to the right person at the right time. It’s a bit of work to get started, but the payoff is worth it! Seo companies in bangalore believes that personalisation in email also help in seo as better conversions means they are likely to get better rankings also.

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