Cultural Fluency can get you success in Global Online Market

The smartest companies are looking to explore untapped markets. These days most are finding success in expanding their business throughout the globe and getting new customers through digital channels. By communicating with the new global customers with the language of their choice and the device of their choice, businesses would be able to sell to more markets than ever before.

SEO experts from best seo companies in secunderabad says that marketers can face challenges while seeking expansion, as campaigns and content that works for one market often doesn’t resonate with another. Therefore to best engage the global consumers, brand needs fluency of culture not language, especially when they know little about their new customers.

Cultural fluency will help marketers to know their consumers in better way and thus helps in generating brand trust, engagement, conversion and revenue globally.

What is cultural fluency?

Culture is defined by many complex social norms i.e. knowledge, law, art, habits, morals, customs and many other learned pattern of behavior. Fluency is associated with the understanding of language and all its intricate meanings. Cultural fluency is thus having the capacity to flow and encompass within various cultural environments and ability to use diversity for understanding and growth.

To survive in the world wide business it is as much important to pay attention to differences as it is to similarities.You should be willing to accept wide number of business methods.

The benefits of utilising diversity includes-

Competitive new product development,expanded acceptance of new ideas, ability to recognize new perspective and many more.

Social Media is best suited to showcase brand’s cultural fluency and expand their global consumers. There are more than 2.2 billion active users worldwide and it will increase by approximately 25% in 2 years which makes it a great platform.

Mobile users are expanding and driving much of social media growth. Thus rapid expansion and growth in social can help businesses in building more brand awareness and loyalty.

Its a best approach for companies to translate their social media posts for new global markets. That leads to more user engagement throughout the globe and will help you generating more traffic to your translated global site.

For example recently a major home -goods retailer wanted to expand its business in Middle East and North Africa .They adopted the cultural fluency approach and flourish their business in the holiday times when people were more engaged in Facebook or Twitter and also converted their Arabic site’s facebook page to provide product content in their regional language thus bridged all the gaps and acquired a place in that market. They were greatly benefitted from this approach.

Conversion Rate optimization

Cultural fluency is especially effective in providing authentic, native-friendly translations that greatly help companies in their conversion rate optimization efforts. By bridging the gap between what and how your potential users want from you and how you present your products or services to them will significantly affect your conversion rate optimisation efforts. You can use efficient UX design to meet your diverse consumer needs and expectations and provide them a great site experience, this will certainly help in increasing your conversion rates if all the things go as per your new consumers expectations. A solid understanding of your new target consumer thinking can definitely boost your conversion rates.

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