Businesses can pave the way of success by starting their own YouTube Channel

Many businesses have not yet considered YouTube as a marketing tool.You tube has lot og potential to let you accomplish your goals. There are whole range of benefits to launching yourself on this platform. Have a look on these stats-

  • Youtube is the third most searched website after Google and Facebook.
  • Everyday around 4 billion youtube videos are viewed.
  • 100 hours of youtube videos are uploaded every minute.

Evidently, it is significant source of marketing platform to build your business awareness and amplify your exposure. Consumers are seeking out video content and are expecting it from companies like yours. YouTube is a powerful tool for providing video to customers on demand, even though is still underutilized by many companies and organizations.

Here are few reasons why you should take advantage of the world’s most popular video-streaming platform.

  • Youtube is great for SEO

Videos uploaded to YouTube are capable enough to rank on their own in search engines, and in many cases they rank higher than written content. Videos uploaded to YouTube are also very easy to share on social media. Accompany your video with well-written content i.e keyword-rich, having backlinks to your website and social media channels can greatly capitalise your Search Engine Optimization Marketing efforts. Getting seo services in bhopal will provide you great content optimization.

  • Variation in content generates more engagement

Consumers are already getting so much text-based content and still imagery that they want something more exciting and interesting. More and more people prefer to watch videos these days and enjoy it because you catering to one or more learning styles. 60% are visual learners, 25% are aural learners. Therefore you are increasing your audience scope.

You can also turn your original video into other forms of communication such as presentations or podcasts.

  • Growth in your Global Audience

Youtube has highly significant global presence, reaching consumers all across the globe. By uploading videos marketing your business you are paving the way to get the global visitors at your site. However, by adding things like closed captions, you need to make sure you are even connecting with those who might otherwise be left out by a language barrier.

  • Increase conversion rates

You can embed Youtube videos on your website to get more conversion rates. According to a study visitors who watch videos stay an average of two minutes longer on a site and are approximately 64%  more likely to purchase.

  • Communicate everything to your audience

Even if video is not active part of your marketing strategy, having some essential videos telling your company story can be very beneficial.

With one minute video enable you to communicate everything you want to say to your customers in the limited amount of time you have their attention.

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