Unrevealed Advantages of Unified Communications in Business

Whether you are dealing with business customers or a B2C company that directly deals with the end users, to get ahead of your competitors you should be able to communicate and react quickly to market changes. Good communication and speed are the two most essential components  of making a great customer experience.

In that regard, Unified Communication Systems(UC) are also becoming very popular these days. As the name suggests UC unites different communication channels into a comprehensive suite that is suitable to company’s workflow.

Although there are a number of benefits that UC offers such it’s capability to use one number to reach key personnel at all times. There are also some hidden benefits that are offered by Unified Communication systems that are just as rewarding for business.

Here are few benefits hidden benefits that benefitted many business and companies, for example, New York SEO Companies

  • Affordable Communications

Some of the UC solutions are specifically targeting the small businesses, providing benefits in their marketing strategies.

Rather than investing in your own server and hardware you can now rent an entire UC System from service providers with the cloud infrastructure to give it a support. Running and maintaining Unified Communication System is simple, easy and affordable. Many companies like KBZ provides a wide range of implementation and support services.

The maintenance cost of UC system is also lower than the maintaining multiple channels in long run. Also, the system itself upgradeable so as your business will grow ,the system will also grow accordingly.

  • Work from Anywhere

The new version of UC systems is allowing modern employees or team members to work from anywhere as efficiently and effectively as they work in the office.

It provides features, for instance, ‘Presence’ will keep you connected regardless of where you are.  Vendors and clients can still reach you at your office number, but the system will actually forward that call to your mobile devices that you are using to keep in touch with them.

Furthermore, a collaborative platform is built, in which any team member can present the slides, share screens and work on files or documents together in real time without any delay, thus helping them solve their issues directly through video chat.

  • Supreme History Tracking

Everything you perform within the unified communication system is recorded. You can review all your history and check the whatever you have done. It allows every action to be traced accurately.

The same concept applies to meetings and conferences. All shared documents and discussions that happen during the meeting are documented accurately, you don’t have to do it manually.

Some systems support automatics transcript creations via voice recognition, it can help sales department as they can pay attention to customers while everything is tracked by the system for them.

  • Better Social Media presence and PR.

One of the robust features of  the UC systems is the person tracking through Presence. The system can reach out to the manager whenever a decision is to be approved by the manager. The same feature could be used during the social media presence .

Through  the UC system, the social media administrator can reach to the right person and questions can be answered within minutes not even hours or days. Whenever a question arises or complaint is posted on social media , the whole company can react as one and perform good PR. Many New York seo experts recommend using it to improve the PR and social media presence.

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