The secret to the successful Digital Marketing Agency and Client Relationship

The success in Digital Marketing is more dynamic and companies adopting various strategies from content marketing to predictive analysis seek outside help to effectively carry out their campaign. However, a lot more required than the savvy sales pitch, magical account management and creative to make a client agency relationship work.

The biggest growth of an agency comes from client retention and program expansion.

There are no shortcuts to great client-agency relationships.

According to the experts from seo company los angeles, there are 4 reasons why clients change their agencies –

  • Change in leadership at client side
  • Tough business results from the engagement
  • Strained relationships between those involved
  • Agency performance perceived as below average

Though not all these areas are controllable but some definitely are.

What many digital marketing agencies miss is the onboarding process in terms of what are the expectations and preferences of the business, culture, and communications. There should be clarity on these terms and proper attention is important.

What are the agency and client issues?

Issues on agency side are

  • Service
  • Strategy and creative issues

Issues on client side are-

  • Guidance from the client
  • Alignment of the client to the agency, followed by client’s process also causes the problem.

How can agencies and clients that hire them can improve?

An essential thing is to put the relationship first. Focus on building strong relationships make sure that feel valued.

Los angeles seo experts recommend doing client/agency 360’s to obtain the feedback and carry out regular relationship enhancement session. Also, its important to have deep feedback during these sessions as something agency don’t understand what the client is actually telling them.

It is also critical to have early warning systems- pick up the early warnings and get the straight information before being revealed. Create a way to get the deep, qualitative feedback on what is really important that is relationships and program results.

It’s really important to invest in managing expectations and the relationship. There are considerable costs to change agencies for both the client and the agency

Client Costs:

  • Added expense
  • Diversion from other work
  • Work interruption
  • Reputation hit

Agency Costs:

  • Lowers revenue
  • Staff risk
  • Interruption in growth plan
  • Reputation hit

Doing client/agency 360’s has a positive impact. For clients, capturing and sharing feedbacks triggers business growth, better creative strategy and service from the agency.

For agencies, managing relationships can lead to business growth, referrals, reduced churn and profitability.

All in all, the digital marketing agencies have to more strategic in managing client relationships. They have to look at a bigger picture on how the client-agency partnership can contribute to the mutual impact.   

However improving relationships in not the sole responsibility of the agencies, The clients can also do certain things to improve the relationship and the performance of their investment. This includes-

  • Proper Guidance – provide better briefs and clear feedback
  • Internally affiliated creative feedback.
  • Well-organized approval process.

It takes a lot more than the smart consulting to make the client/agency relationship work. Al smart consulting gets wasted if its never gets implemented because there is no clear understanding of the expectations and no clear and straight communication.

Agencies that fully pays attention to both service and strategy and consulting would be able to give more value to the clients that hire them. Also, clients that provide excellent briefs and streamline approval/review process would be able to get the better return on marketing agency investment.

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