Reasons to run Video Ads on Facebook

You could be missing out a huge opportunity if you are not making use of Video Ads. The concept of Advertising has always been visual. However when you supplement your video content with the power to target the audience you can see the huge impact. The Newsfeed algorithm of Facebook is giving preference to the video content.

Kansas SEO experts believe that video content has a much larger organic reach and engagement than any other forms of content. It is estimated that people are watching more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook each day thus it shows how important and beneficial it could be tap into this market with your own videos.

Facebook video views are among the most cost-effective forms of advertising on social media. It has created a platform for video advertising that is  most affordable and in a mission to stand out from YouTube.

Most of the small business owners talk about spending money on commercial or radio ads. It is okay if you have a great budget and want to use with the combination of traditional and digital advertising, but for the rest, there is a more effective solution. Get start with creating videos specifically for Facebook ads.

Apart from running the cost effective Facebook video marketing campaign, it will let your video shown only to your target demographics thus you will be seen by those you actually wanted to.

Key components for Facebook Video Marketing success

You can’t structure your video ads as you see on Youtube or TV. For making more effective and stand out from the rest you need structure it differently in an innovative way as there is already a lot of competition at that place.

For more views and most importantly for more interactions you need to structure your Facebook videos in a very specific way.

Here are few essential components –

  • Frontload the ad

You have to put your important and strongest images  at the front of the video because newsfeed is a very busy and occupied space, and people make a quick decision about whether the video is worth paying attention to or not.

  • Be silent but effective

Put efforts into creating an effective video that tells your story visually without the use of sound. Most people watch the videos on Facebook silently probably because they are busy doing something else. So can you visually present your ad and tempt the users to view the rest of your ad?

  • Take advantage of Facebook Tools

Know your target audience , define your perfect customer clearly and then use Facebook targeting according to that. There is a robust set of targeting tools offered by Facebook through which you can always deliver the content to the people who are already interested in it.

  • Test and Test Again

Keep at least two alternatives for a video and test them to discover which one performs better. You can always tweak and refine your videos and this what the best part of digital marketing. If something is not working , try another thing.

Kansas city seo experts say that you should not neglect the potential of Facebook video ads as it can maximize your ROI. Thousands of people are open to your marketing message it’s all upon you that how you deliver the message in the most effective and appealing way to the right newsfeed.

Video ads can be more captivating and provide much more relevant information than a display or text ad.

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