Don’t use a Cookie Cutter Seo Approach

If you are looking for an SEO service provider, its essential to do a proper research and check with references before taking an informed decision. You might find that there are specialized SEO companies depending on the industry you are in, so at first glance you might look like a great option because you know that they have enough of experience in your industry.

However, there are plenty of drawbacks while working with a specialized SEO company that uses a cookie cutter approach to your SEO campaign.

Nashville SEO experts provide 4 reasons to not to work with a specialized SEO

  • The Transformation of SEO

It might sound a great idea to work with a specialized SEO company 5-6 years ago from now. But the industry as a whole has changed a lot now. The search engine has made the major algorithmic updates and drastic changes took place in the SEO industry. What tactics worked before are no longer effective and can even consider as black hat technique. Therefore in order to make your SEO campaign successful everything needs to be customized, in accordance to your specific needs and marketing strategies. A specialized SEO provider is likely to use the same principles and protocols that they are using it for other clients which result in the identical strategies. Though you also belong to the same industry but that doesn’t mean that your companies are the same, There could be many differences that can exist in the way you do the business, for that reason your SEO program needs to be customized.  

  • Worn-out Approach

Its possible for specialized seo companies to get stuck in the groove. As they always work with the same type of clients and repeat the same things again and again. They find no reason to be creative and think out of the box. Though this approach will not fail but it will also never give you an opportunity to really take off and stand out from the rest.

  • Missed opportunities

Specialized SEO can fuse everyone together and will presume that what worked and what not worked for one company will be same for the other companies in the same industry. So without getting accurate knowledge and understanding your business specific needs they will blindly do the things they did for the other companies in your industry.

For example, they can skip the keyword research and include the same keywords they were using from the years into your website content. Links will also come from the same sites as for the other clients. This is what is called as Lazy seo and will definitely suppress the results.   

  • Fewer Provider Options

Even if there exist plenty of SEO firms that are specialized in your industry, you will get much more options if you will work SEO firm that does not specialize in the specific industry. Just because an SEO firm is specialized in your industry doesn’t mean that they are the best option. Any reputed SEO agency will work closely with you and in accordance with your strategy and business plans that meet your needs. You can hire best Nashville SEO company to get the best and customized SEO program for your marketing campaign.

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