Some highlighted loopholes of search engines

We always like to talk about how to optimize our websites to make it easier for search engine spiders to scan them, evaluate them and finally to enable the database to create a final ranking result based on the results they are sending in. This method is used when it comes to crawlers properly being able to do their job. Now, however we will take a different approach in this article and will take a look at the current loopholes like the things crawlers have bigger or smaller difficulty deciphering.

This information can be important for all those, who want to manage their web design outside of SEO experts consultancy Services In Haarlem, to give a basic information on what not to do, in order for their website to be attractive for the search engine bots and this way give it the opportunity to be ranked well.

Data crawlers have problems decoding:

  • Flash content – flash is slowly but surely getting finished for this reason. The high calibrated graphic solutions have just way too many disadvantages not just from the point of view of spiders but also for the users: many slower internet connections cannot even handle these websites, while Flash constantly crushes down its own page and causes serious loading issues.
  • Online forms:  if a website starts up with an online form (be it on a leading page or any starting page that blocks the homepage) the bots won’t be able to decipher it correctly. This is true for all pages prompting member login too.
  • Link structure issues – links that were not tended to, to contain only the planned keyword content (the page title) but were left with the tons of characters, numbers which were there by default. Spiders may automatically hold these for spam pages.
  • Other rich-format content – videos, images, graphics (the latter without ALT tag descriptions) will not be decoded by the bots who simply do not „feel” these are there.

Keyword – content issue

These search bots are programmed to check all content to make sure it’s related to the given keyword. But there can be problems stemming from this programming. Let’s see a couple of these:

  • Lack of a commonly used keyword. There are millions of keywords in use this or that way. But someone may use totally uncommon words even when referring to well-known objects that will be misleading for the spiders.
  • Types of English and other foreign languages: there can be large ranking differences between words which mean the same but due to being written in a different sort of English, they lose the importance they should hold.
  • Wrong language or location targeting: setting up things in the wrong language for the targeted visitors.
  • Content and title has nothing to do with each other: this is something the bots really watch out for.

Experienced SEO experts consultancy Services In Haarlem of course know about all these and many other loopholes which can stop crawlers’ indexing activity therefore they will make sure your content is optimized the best possible way to avoid any of the upper mentioned situations.

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