How to make sure your content gets indexed?

Today, there is literally nothing more important for a quality business website to possess keyword optimized quality content. But naturally it’s not worth as much, if you cannot make sure, that the content actually gets to be seen and more importantly found with ease. According to SEO services Companies in Pakistan, there are a few key methods to ensure. Let’s get to see these

The format:

  • Websites are highly preferred to be made in HTML format. This is the language crawlers can read easily.
  • If you are using images make sure their size is not too large as they may cause loading issues and more importantly, always tell in the ALT tag what it is. That’s the note for the indexing bot to learn that there is in fact something there. Otherwise it will only sense a blank page. The following image formats offer the adding of the ALT attribute: jpg, png, gif
  • Ensure easy navigation: with a very good site structure and a ready site map that you can also separately submit for search engines.
  • Always have a transcript in case you are posting a video or audio file: especially if the content also features the prime keywords picked for the page

Today’s highly improved SEO tools can show you many things you would have never thought you can see: for instance they can show you how exactly crawlers can „see” a given website. You don’t even have to download a program for that, you can try the app just by entering your page link. These are wise to be used because this way you can make sure all the information that should be visible it actually is.

Other important indexing tips:

  • Make sure all your pages are referenced in one way or the other on the other, especially in the content of the leading pages. This can best be achieved through referencing content with the help of hyperlinks or anchor texts, which are basically the same only they are built to feature the exact same title as the given page it points to has ( when optimized well).
  • Remember, if nothing points to a page, it’s like it doesn’t exist, from the point of view of crawlers.
  • Make sure pages you are referencing via hyperlink are not blocked from crawlers by their robot.txt setting.
  • Never fill the whole text with hyperlinks. Too much will not do well for the indexing, it will only make the indexing bots confused.
  • Steer clear from Java or iframes plugins
  • Check through all the pages to make sure there is no „nofollow” attribute added on any page that has no comment section. However besides those single links will likely not get ranking

There are still many attributes forms can have and high quality and well referenced SEO services Companies In Pakistan with loads of expertise in structuring and content building can prove to be a great help for you.

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