How to exactly position keyword in content?

It’s great if we know what our target words, terms will be when it comes to content creation. But they process doesn’t end here. One also needs to be clear on the expectations on the exact positioning, as there are plenty of these. In this chapter we will talk about this in more detail for you to see what guidelines experts need to follow, with respect to this and what you can learn from the methods used by Top 10 SEO Companies In Recife.

The positioning:

According to lots of researches, the best positioning system of the target words today is in 3 places. It is web link, the title and in the text or body, however within text it’s preferable they are not used more than 3 times per page. Crawlers today are set to sense the old method of stuffing that would make them immediately classify content as spam. This also means the given page will not be ranked or indexed.

The numbers:

The exact number of keywords is out of line these days and actually spiders can sense it and will not index the page in question.  The old practice of over-using key terms should long be gone, but there are still those who practice it, however without much success. Today, everything is more pre-specified in terms of usage in order to avoid any related abuse or page- manipulation tactics.

On-page optimizing

Let’s see now how many criteria does positioning have to adjust to in the list below. Let me add, this is not compulsory but it’s the best preferred way that seems to achieve the best indexing results.

  • Include your primary term in the URL of the page/site
  • Have the no.1 targeted word in the title of the page: however be careful as the length does count. Crawlers will ready the title up to 65-70 characters. Anything more than that, will be lost indexing-wise.
  • Once near the top section of the text
  • You can also use variations in the sub-headings or minor headings.
  • The body shouldn’t contain it/them more than 2-3 times. Vary them (long-tailed format) to target them more.
  • Once in the ALT text of the image on page
  • Include it in the meta-description of the page. This has no role in ranking but can bring all the more results by way of searches. Users are more likely to find your content with the help of meta-descriptions.
  • Never use your primary keyword for a page in an anchor text pointing to another page. Let it have its own targeted term to enable a better optimization.
  • Always be sure the chosen target term will not have a negative impact to the overall meaning of the text.

Today, crawlers will go through content and check according to dozens of algorithms. They will also be able to see how much the actual content has to do with the title/description tags.

If you need more help or assistance in how to make your content more keyword focused and how to optimize it to the fullest in terms of positioning, don’t hesitate to contact one of the accomplished, experienced top 10 SEO Companies In Recife.

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