How to enable your website to get larger traffic

Of course, after a website has been fully optimized and ready for good rankings, there are a couple of proactive yet natural ways to help this happen all the faster. Let’s see what advices we can get from the giant search engine provider Google and how marketing for best SEO Services Company in Japan put these suggestions into action.


It means the number of visitors clicking on your URL, posts or any hyperlink on other pages mentioning your page. The bad thing in traffic is that you never know when it goes viral because just any post can initiate that according to daily trends, but what exactly it depends on, remains a secret even for the ones with the highest expertise in marketing. What you can do, is to try to help your posts, backlinks and website as much as you can with and without extra help coming from link building and content marketing. So, let’s get started.

Google’s recommendations: enabling factors

  • Present content which is written for the audience and not over-optimized for the crawlers.
  • Avoid the practice referred to as cloaking – today a well-known Black Hat SEO technique that encompasses the creating of two websites: while one presents itself to the search engine with all optimized feature, the other one is the one that contains the real content for the viewers. Cloaking represented a real problem for search engines. By today the newest weapon Penguin has tools to detect and shut these down.
  • Present with a clear and easy to use site map. This helps users to be able to get around quickly and efficiently.
  • Each page should have one nicely optimized link (URL) that should contain the page’s keyword and possibly not contain any special characters.
  • Use HTML content that has a clear segmented structure easy to understand by the crawlers.
  • Don’t forget to add ALT attribute to all the images, crawlers can’t see them otherwise. This is like leaving a post-it for them with a message for them to read with the information.
  • Have content that’s really worth reading: I know this sounds very blatant but indeed each content that’s ranked should ideally be something that’s really helpful and it merits its rank organically.
  • Avoid Flash content: not only because crawlers have difficulty reading or deciphering it but it’s very heavy for a website and it has the capacity to crush pages, websites in any given moment. It also has constant loading difficulties and not everyone can actually display a website with flash content.

There are several Black Hat methods similar to cloaking which are very manipulative and were highly used to drive traffic to websites with tons of tricks and false keyword associations. Luckily these methods are starting to disappear.

Knowing your website is strategically and structurally enabled to receive a high number of traffic is already half success. From there it’s the job of marketing for best SEO Services Company In Japan to further handle the promotional tasks to make sure of brand awareness. Check out a great optimization expert in your area to help you optimize your website.

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