Interesting facts about Pay per Click marketing

Paid promo can do great for your company, if you do them well.  In this chapter I would like to include some interesting facts you ought to know about Pay per Click its whole process.  Some might think that this has nothing to do with Search Engine Optimization but in fact, the core of the process is all about optimized content and about making it possible for your website for it to have all the favorable qualities to be ranked high organically.

First of all, click-based payment is just a small segment of paid promotion and it’s also a small piece of all the pay-per sort of promotion systems which are available for you. The reason PPC has become so talked about is, because that’s the most commonly used way for a company to be featured among the first page search results. Other possibilities include View, impression, Action and Lead based pay–per opportunities. There are companies such as Clickbank which are spending millions of Dollars on click based promotions and they also have some of the largest affiliate system who would feature the company’s products (banners) on their own website.

However there are things where Digital marketing Agency and SEO service in Limerick can help with paid ads and then there are those which it cannot. So let me give you some interesting Good-to-know below:

Did you know?

  • That PPC will not get you organic rankings?

This is quite an important fact because there will be companies that will try to explain to you how much traffic more you can get and how it will eventually be also true to your real ranking. But this is only a misconception. The moment your budget is out, your page will have the same old ranking like before. Only full on perfected optimization and non-stop efforts can do the trick.

  • That with any paid promotion your page or whole website will get a nofollow for the duration of the campaign?

Indeed, in order to absolutely divide the two, to avoid any upper mentioned misconceptions all the promoted material will automatically get a nofollow attribute. What this means, is that this acts like a large stop sign for crawlers, so they won’t even attempt to index the page in question.

  • That it’s not the highest bidder who gets the first page places?

Indeed, you can place the highest ever bid on your campaign but if your website doesn’t possess the optimization attributes, which we could also call quality requirements, then it won’t get on the first page.

  • That Search engine optimization expertise is a must-have when it comes to proper implementation of a project?

Truthfully, you cannot strive in making campaigns if you don’t have any idea on how to optimize your content. This is true on all aspects of a promotion. And why setting up one, if no one will ever see it, find it or pay attention to it?

That’s exactly why you need the services of a well experienced, professional Digital marketing Agency and SEO service in Limerick who can handle all aspects of optimization and promotes your company the right way.

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