Key techniques of Search Engine Optimization which still exist

Contrary to becoming illegitimate and unfair practices there are tons of techniques, remains from the old times which are still widely used on the internet. Thanks to the well devised weapon of search engines such as the dreaded Penguin of Google, the methods are forced back but they are still not far from being extinct. This is to teach you how not to do legit search engine optimization anymore. None of these tricks and methods are supported by Best SEO Marketing Services Company in Melbourne.

  • Keyword stuffing: the old recipe of filling the content with as many keywords and as many times as possible is still widely used, but it doesn’t work on the long haul. Plus it creates content which just cannot be deciphered.
  • Over optimizing of hyperlinks/anchor texts:  overstuffing an article or blog post with hyperlinks is not favored these days, trying to make your hypertexts and anchor texts all too much about keywords will also get you in trouble.
  • Irrelevant or not fitting keywords: the pairing up of keywords which normally doesn’t make sense and trying to sell it to the crawlers as a normal keyword. This also includes keywords which are used in content where they hardly make any sense.
  • Duplicate, copied or scraped content: all in all, any copying or others’ content, may it be via any of the mentioned methods is bad and one should not do it. There are tons of free tools which can detect copied content and this can result in big trouble and the losing of all ranking.
  • Spinning: this is a more elegant way of plagiarism. This means, one gets a content and rewrites it. If someone works with programs, this can be more or less detected. Otherwise they are hard to find, unless the plagiarizing is so daft that one can’t help but see it.
  • Adding useless snippets to your site: this is like marking your site with abilities it doesn’t display or cannot do.
  • Changing of content: this is an oldie. Waiting until a website or page ranks very high, then grabbing its content and changing it so something different (normally selling based topic or banner).
  • Doorways: the pages which look ordinary and may appear on the first page. Just when you click on them you realize you are being taken elsewhere. Luckily this method is disappearing successfully because it’s one of the most unnerving tactics there ever were.
  • Cloaking:  when one creates two different contents – one to rank well for the crawlers and something very different for those actually clicking on the link.
  • Web farming:  dozens of sites connected by the same link or pointing towards the same link.

I have decided to leave out most link building tactics from here because I’d like to present those in a later post. These are some of the most popular methods which are also considered the dinosaurs in the lifetime of optimization. These don’t pay off any longer so don’t stick with any company which offers you any of these methods to bring you larger traffic. Try the services of the Best SEO Marketing Services Company in Melbourne and get the desired results.

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