Black Hat method –how to recognize it and why it still exists?

Even though Search Engine optimization should be clear of the old school techniques most of which are today referred to as „Black Hat” there are still plenty of companies which use these. That’s why I’d like to call everyone’s attention to some of the techniques which are still roaming around, I will also let you know how to spot the companies which work with these methods and why it is your best interest to avoid them. None of these methods are supported by the Best SEO company services In San Francisco.

Old-time optimization has been around for a pretty long time but the techniques used back then were way wilder than those which are supposed to be the norm. Why is that that there are still companies which use the Black hat methods out there?

  • It’s easy to do: one coder who is expert in optimization is enough to perform this type of optimizing.
  • It promises very quick results:  aggressive SEO methods can be used on any website and they will also work for a couple of days or weeks, depending on how fast they are spotted. Some affiliate sites only need that much of a time to prosper.
  • Its big money: some of the companies do not care what way an expert uses to get on the first page. Unfortunately bad reputation has also given Black Hat methods a sort of a fame. There are plenty of companies today who openly advertise themselves offering these methods.
  • It’s cheap:  as these are often one person companies, they won’t ask too much money to do a sort of a skyrocket optimization.
  • If one is down, the other comes up: coders often buy up tons of sites with expired domains specifically for these transactions. If one spammy site is shoot down, the other can come up. With the help of spinning one can create a false-content website in under a day.

Why, contrary to all this Black Hat is not for you?

  • It fails with time: while the intent of today’s optimization is to provide long-term results for legitimate businesses this cannot be kept in any other way than using white hat methods.  It can last longer but it will definitely pay off.
  • It’s often a fraud:  if you see any company dealing with Search Engine Optimization offering you quick results, it’s very likely one which uses these illegal and spammy methods to get websites on the first page, then gets the money and won’t care if the website is ripped of the first page ranking within a matter of days or weeks.
  • Often ends with rights disputed: illicit companies often work with bad methods. This means, one can lose all their rights to their own web content and can even be blackmailed by the company.
  • It can end with a lawsuit: ripped, copied content often results in plagiarizing that is considered illegal under the law.

That’s exactly why if you want a correct business partner that will help your business and website all along and will keep on monitoring and campaigns, only trust the Best SEO company services In San Francisco being well respected, well informed and is always in line with the search engine guidelines.

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