Personas – Art of creating connections

Why do we use SEO? For Brand Awareness, more traffic, more leads — right?

Besides these reasons it’s motive is to develop more and more good connections.

On an elementary level of Search engine optimization, it is very much important to create connection with your target audience. Creating connections is vital as it leads to more traffic, more leads, more brand awareness, more visibility, more sales.

Before you start creating connections, it is good to define your target audience. Persona profiling is something that has been used for decades in the marketing industry, and mapping out who your audience is will give you a deeper insight into how to most effectively reach them.

For an efficient SEO strategy we must learn to define our audience and roll out the plans accordingly.

What’s a persona ? Why should you use it?

A persona is “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. In short, it’s a sketch of the person(s) you are trying to target.

Let’s assume as an seo consultant if you ask your client who their product or service for and their answer is ‘everyone’ then definitely you need to work hard.It is very much important to understand that right audience for your business and develop strategies based on that.

Let’s take an example of an seo blog- Moz now this is not for everyone rather for search professionals or digital marketing professionals will show interest in it as they getting information to their niche of business. A photographer will never bother to give it a look. Therefore the search professional is a persona that represents this site’s target audience.

Having good personas benefits your entire organization even beyond inbound marketing. Honest personas improve your sales pitch, your customer service, and even your product development.

How to know your target audience?

While persona research has come a long way over the years, it still has a long way to go. Market research and data are great, but these aren’t always the most reliable source of information.

To truly understand your audience, you have to break down every aspect of their lives and try to find common connections. These commonalities will help give us clues not just into what they do, but why they do it.

Taking the time to do this work will help you create a more contextualized strategy that returns a much greater ROI for your clients.

Here are 3 core areas which should be researched while developing personas for SEO

  • Demographics

Marketing research and data are the most common ways to get demographic information but make sure that you get the right and updated data .Cross check your data in different reports as having correct an uptodate information is very much necessary to know your target audience.

While defining persona demographics make sure you have proper knowledge of the following :

Description – A student, athlete, entrepreneur ?

LIvelihood – Urban, Sub-urban or rural ?

Age range ?

Industry they belong to – Engineering, Marketing, Media ?

Level of management – Upper level or a Consultant ?

  • Social dynamic

By looking at the massive impact and expansion of social media in the past decade it has become a primary need to be a part that social world. We are also afraid of being seen as the “outsider” in our social groups, so the people and groups we associate with have a lot of influence on how we think and act.

When developing the social dynamic of your persona, here are a few good questions to ask:

Who are the peers, subordinates, superiors, and outsiders with whom they frequently interact?

What are some brands that influence them?

What groups/organizations are they a part of?

What types of media are they attracted to? (Social, TV, internet, magazines)

What do they do for fun?

  • Mapping Empathy

If we aim to create meaningful online connections that deliver real business results, the only way we can influence someone is by connecting and sharing our message in a way that resonates with their worldview.A great tool to do this is called the Empathy Map by Xplane.

The goal of empathy mapping is to quickly capture the perspective of your audience. The Empathy Map addresses need to know What do they—

See?  What’s happening around them?

SAY? To colleagues, friends, their boss?

What do they DO? What’s their attitude and behavior?

What do they FEEL? What are common emotions they experience?

What do they HEAR? What do their friends, boss, family and others say?

What do they THINK? What really counts? What are they worried about? What do they want to achieve?

How do these Help your SEO?

Demographic details will help you make appropriate approach for your audience .Understanding these basics about your audience will help you create better content, title tags, meta information and more . Consult best seo companies in usa to improve your connections.

Social Dynamics helps in link building . Finding out the social presence of personas can lead to creating new linking opportunities you may have never uncovered in your original prospecting. Related niches are a great way to cross-promote and build a network with other businesses looking to target a similar audience to yours.

Empathy Mapping will help you in better understanding of how your audience views and interacts with the world hence you create messaging that resonates with them on a personal level.

We all know the importance of content when it comes to SEO. But it’s not about how much content, it’s about the ‘right’ content. By truly connecting with your audience through content that speaks to their deepest needs, you’ll increase engagement, shares and more — all of which, in return, impacts traffic, leads, brand identity and so on.

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