Tips for A Writing Designer Digital Copy

Design should lead the way,when it comes to kicking off digital projects like websites or landing pages. It is a great topic to have debate on. Taking extreme sides  while debating a topic is a great fun and often valuable, as long as you’re not ensconced in your position.

I always believed in design-led process. One of a designer posted on his facebook page that, “When it comes to design approach, good design-thinking practice would consider resolving both content and interface together, iteratively.”

All the writers need to join hands with the designers to work together in perfect harmony. This will help you to collaborate with the design team and produce effective write ups. Here are explained few tips to be considered while writing a designer digital copy for SEO companies:

  • Keep it short and simple:

In a usability research conducted by a Top SEO Companies, it was  found that, “90 percent of the users do not read headlines or titles properly. They just read first three or four letters”. This means that your title should be designed in a way that it is appealing, concise and should explain what the article below is all about.

The headline or the title should be such, reading which the reader wants himself to read the article. It not be such that, the user switched to another website because he didn’t like the headline or he didn’t understand what the title was trying to  implicate.

  • Be firm and consistent about punctuation’s:

Every pixel of a design is important. You must think the same about every comma and quotation mark. Be clear when you expect a dash, whether you want periods in headlines and what words should be capitalized. Just make sure you’re consistent about it. It gets confusing for everyone if you have a period in one heading but not in another.

  • Know when images will tell your story better:

As a writer you need to be smart thinker. You must know when you need to step back and let visuals take the lead. Many a times it happens that we are short of words while writing a content. At such a moment, visuals can work for you. But, adding a visual to your content means, visual should be relevant, appealing and should generate maximum traffic.

  • Focus on your Call to action:

A good design will most likely aim to lay out some clear and concise information and quickly follow it with a single, simple call-to-action. Your copy should do the same. If you have an attention-grabbing headline that isn’t very informative about your product or service, don’t expect the next step to be a button click. You may need a more explanatory subhead or have your button copy to do the heavy lifting.

  • Be decisive about changes:

You need to be updated regarding what changes are to be made in your content after getting comments of the readers. Here, for this task, you are the only one to take decision regarding updates or changes to be made in the content. Designers are not going to help you making changes. The decision power lies only in your hands.

  • Make your edits on the design:

It’s harder for me, more tedious for you and less accurate in general if your changes are all written in an email filled with descriptions like “third section, 2nd para – change i to I”. You may be a writer but, we are living in a visual world and I am a visual girl/boy. Use a collaboration service like Hightail to leave comments and copy changes on the design itself, so all the feedback is contextual and collected in one place.

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