Want to promote your brand through blogging?

This time around I thought to enlist some of the most important things a blogger needs to do when starting with the blogging business. This will be a series as there is just too much to talk about that could be fitted in 500 words.

Brand has an extremely high importance when it comes to top SEO companies in UAE and all experts can testify to that. And your lead topic is part of your brand

Brand building

This is actually something that should come before setting yourself up. Some people do have a general idea what they want to write about, while others ( let’s be honest here) only want to make a blog, to have an AdSense account and want to mask their intent with low quality, often copied content. Let me tell you this is not a good approach and the quality requirements are so high ( especially on the free blogging sites ) that your blog will not be accepted. That’s exactly why I suggest everyone to come up with a content which is:

  • Unique: you need to come up with original content. That’s the only way when we can talk about creating a real brand. The creating of content just to get payment methods don’t work anymore.
  • Either very timely or timeless: you need to come up with topic or topics which are either very much discussed in that time or period or with content which is timeless ( travel or arts are the best example).
  • Something not many deals with: when it comes to your blog there are two key approaches. You either create a blog under your name that’s about multiple topics or you have a key strategy: what you want to write about? What subtopics can you have? How long can you carry on with those topics and how to connect to new ones, which are still somewhat in connection with the lead topic? Out of experience I can tell you that it’s important to have this basic approach which focuses on one main subject and from then on, it can be fragmented to many sub topics. But it’s good if vewers know what they can count on when visiting your website.

A good example is photography:  if it’s in the domain or lead title, then it will automatically call for those,.who have an interest in the key subject. Photography can also be broke down to millions of sub-topics to talk about: take the cameras, the editing, the methods, the software. And so on and so forth.

All in all many think that if they just write about anything they feel like, like a regular newspaper will draw more attention. But, the fact of the matter is, if someone wants to read a journal they will go to a trusted media site.

So, think about creating your topic and image to be able to explore more from the mystical world of optimization. Some blog –focused top SEO companies in UAE experts can also help you with finding your key topic and creating your brand.

More info: https://www.10seos.com/uae/top10


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