Some Useful Pro Design Tips For A Successful Online Business

There are many important and useful aspect that should be careful applied, when it comes to the actual design phase used by the top SEO companies in Canada including Digi-Marketing companies. Let’s get to see these:

Besides a website being dynamic there are tons of design aspects one has to take into consideration. Let’s get to see the main areas to focus:

  • The actual frame for every page: this is the area which contains all the brand related shapes, forms, colors which are all unique to the business. This shouldn’t change for any of the pages, it can also serve as a transparent or semi-transparent background.
    • If this is about rebranding, then the web designer will create a number of frames for you and you can choose which one you like the best. Your new brand colors and logo will be in sync
  • How should the logo come off on the website? It’s generally decided by ways of experimenting while the customer is there, show them what can or cannot be done and let them decide what they like the best.
  • The complete site-map: this is not only important for indexing and for including on the website. It’s very important to set up this map in order for the designer to know how to build up the whole website. How many columns will it have, how will the topics come off? Dropdown or simply appear while hovering? There are so many things to choose from and the designer and client has to do these segments together as it’s the customer’s website so they have the ultimate decision.

The amount of structuring or re-structuring necessary: this regards the coding and all pages of a website, especially if they are old, this likely involves the whole re-texting of websites starting everything from zero and build it up from there. This involves the following, especially in terms of re-structuring of an existing website.

  • Current coding especially if not HTML – in which case it should be converted to HTML
  • Page content quality and quantity – what will and won’t be used and how much content should be added to the pages.
  • Images and videos to be used.
  • Number of anchor texts and hyperlinks and how many still work among these
  • Checking existing pages for duplicates, missing content
  • Meta description
  • Page link outlook
  • How much content is keyword focused – how it can be more focused on more keywords (probably on combinations which are the most popular)
  • Deciding which segment of the page should contain „nofollow” attributes (comment section or review section).

As you can see all this takes a great amount of work and effort, paired up with the analytic tools of optimization experts who will also take care of your content being as optimized as possible. Check out how some of the top SEO companies in Canada agencies work by opting for an Audit & Assessment.

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