Know about the feasible online marketing possibilities

This time around I’ve decided to quickly turn back to all the marketing possibilities that’s possible with mailing lists, simply because there are so many, that it’s hard to put them in one single post. Let’s see some other ways you can make a mailing list extra useful. Mailing list from a SEO Philippines expert’s perspective is not only something marketing uses: it’s part of the important link building process that’s full-on optimization and can give you huge help with indexing and ranking.

  • Getting closer to your fanbase: this is true in both the cases when you already have a good relationship with the people who are on your mailing list:

  • The „blog after the blog”: you cand write a special page only and exclusively for those who are on your mailing list. And let them know this is an extra. Who knows when they meet another friend of theirs who have a large interest in all the extra information alongside your blog content.

  • You can provide extra content in a different way: extra beautiful photos in albums ( Pinterest) , travel photos

  • You can network to provide discounts on related offers and there is basically no topic, in connection to which you wouldn’t be able to find a coupon. It doesn’t matter it’s not yours, it’s a gesture regardless.

Targeted campaigns

  • Another approach for a mailing list is actually to reach out to other bloggers and create a good friendly connection which can also culminate in joint projects, a part of which is posted on your blog and another part is posted on theirs. This is something vloggers very often do and it’s a fantastic way to generate attention and network In the same time.
  • Campaigns and competitions can be easily redirected back to your blog page, if you already have a quality Leading page created for the campaign in which you can get users to do the following:
    • Like or follow you on a social media site
    • Follow your blog
    • Subscribe to take part
    • Get or provide the email of a given number of people to add to the mailing list in order to take part in the competition.
    • Or simply click to take part then provide the email address

As you can see there are so many possibilities, especially when we get to combine the positive encouraging effects of these two marketing tools: email marketing and landing pages (which I will touch on in my next post).  This may tarnish all the good efforts you were doing so far. Also send emails once a week by default.

One thing you should never do with your mailing list: this is the Golden Rule: never –ever turn your hair into a spamming tool. Your emails should be as personal as possible with content which counts and which is meaningful. SEO Philippines and marketing experts can help you make this come true (especially because no way on Earth we can just create optimized and good looking landing pages without the proper page building know-how.

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