Introduction of Email marketing

Email marketing is a crucial part of today’s marketing strategies and there are tons of companies which use it today. In this chapter, I’d like to write about the methodology of the whole process, tell you why it’s important to build it up and rest assured I will also let you know what does all this have to do with the activities of a Digital marketing Montreal SEO company.

About the process:

Email  marketing can be extremely useful if it’s done correctly. We all receive tons of marketing emails on a daily basis, mostly coming from brands we shop from or service providers whose services we have once purchased. Why this is important?

  • Building a mailing list should be a primary goal of every company. This is create a circle of customers and potential customers. This will later on serve as the company’s customer base and will also provide the base for every customer based analytics ( success and failure rate, statistics, polls etc.)
  • By keeping customers or potential customers informed on possible campaigns, discounts or any novelties with respect to the company has the potential to build up a sort of a membership circle.

How to start collecting email addresses?

There are several ways to do that. Many Montreal SEO company works with huge mailing lists of default email addresses which were sold or given to them by other companies. This might not be strictly legal but when you make a contract, there are several companies which will collect all the mailing addresses and pass them over to statistics agencies ( many contact has this question asking you if you agree your data to be used for further marketing puproses by the way).

Other companies work with a more focused approach, by having a good leading page asking users to subscribe or provide their mailing address for other reasons. That’s also why a good leading page can be such an important part of the whole process.

Who does email marketing best work for:

There are tons of fields of businesses which can profit from this method, basically any company which offers any sort of businesses. Every one of us like discounts, coupons and extra services and every customer likes to be made to feel special. Therefore this approach can work for every business which offers any sort of products or services. Those who generally work with this method right from the start are the following:

  • Electronics’ supplies
  • Apparel sellers ( e-commerce or walk-in)
  • Travel agencies
  • Hospitality businesses

The big secrets to successful email marketing is to know what to offer to your customer base and know when to make the offers. On the other hand and from a SEO perspective, it’s extremely important to represent such a content that’s a properly optimized  call to action.

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