Get Some Knowledge about Competition Analysis

This time around, I’d like to say a few words on how experts of digital marketing Philippines can help you dealing with competition and how this all can also profit your business. Let’s see all the ways and methods one can proceed by.

When it comes to overall handling of competition, there are 3 different types of businesses:

  • The one which doesn’t care much about rivalry in all: these are mostly businesses which decide to walk their own way and not to fret and stress about their rivals.
  • The one which maniacally watches all the moves its adversaries make to overcome their prices or services: these are mostly service suppliers of every size and business line of competitive ranges of business where it’s very important to provide the better price and quality.
  • The one which has a fairly friendly connection with its competitors because of the specific line of business: art galleries for instance.

I know all these types have their own range of advantages but from a business point of view it’s always good to know what your adversaries are up to for lots of reasons. Let’s see a few out of these:

  • If you find a high quality business to which you are not close to at this point but plan to in the future, you can hold their quality as a standard to yours. Watch them in order to learn from them. There is a ton to learn from how other people deal with things, without wanting to copy them (that’s a malpractice unfortunately many still do, but I advise strictly against it).
  • Don’t give too much space to your direct competitors. By watching them, you will know when they have a campaign and what they offer. So this way you can out-perform them. Start contra-campaigns for instance.
  • See what they offer and see the aspects where you are or can be better.
  • Compare their plan to yours and see where you can improve.
  • Same goes for overall page design and optimization.
  • Analyze your rivals’ customer base and see how you can get to them. These days, pages like Facebook offer you the direct chance to see who those people are and offer you the chance to create campaigns for them.
  • Keyword comparison and analytics:  what keywords your rivals operate with and how they do for them as opposed to yours.
  • Rivals’ leading pages, calls to action, events can also help you define their approach and marketing tactics.
  • If they use PPC or other paid toolkits to generate more traffic.

And this is just the beginning. An accomplished SEO and best digital marketing agencies can do so much more through analytics such as total number of visitors, the comparison of websites, content and people’s interest in them as opposed to yours. This is one huge range of toolsets so I could only present a part of it. But I hope this still serves you well and understand that while one should never lose nights on what competitors do, it’s wise to learn from and about them.

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