Check Your Website Design before Applying SEO Techniques

Here in this article I’d like to elaborate on the separate phases of designing and let you know how many things there are to do and what to take into consideration before the SEO phase even starts. This requires a strong cooperation between the SEO services in Vadodara and the client. Let’s get started.

Before actually starting with the design:

There are tons of things to take into consideration for the designer and the optimization assistance before starting with the actual design stage. It’s because this will be the base. And in order for them to create it well, they will need to understand your what your business is all about, what your current and future targets are, what sort of a website you would like, what design aspects do you as a client have in mind. Then after they have collected enough information to start with the pre-design process and the drafting, they will have about a thousand things to keep in mind: let’s see some of these factors below.

  • The line of business one is in:
    • This will define the basic type of website: which can be:
      • An e-commerce website
      • Semi-commerce website – not necessarily e-commerce but one can order or book goods/services from it.
      • Informative website with booking/watch list options.
      • Full informative website with/without any extras: This will also define whether the website will have a full portfolio of its goods or not.
      • How many services does the website offer?  This will define the number of columns or possibilities to click on.
      • Interactive sections: Comment/Ask a question/ send an email / send a review/ask for an offer
      • FAQ tab
      • If the website will contain a downloadable portfolio for those interested.
    • Does the website have a logo which has any connection to the field of business?

There are many smaller businesses which are in need of rebranding. The reason for that is, that they’ve been dealing with walk-in customers and simply didn’t need to pay attention to their website or design all that much.

    • How much re-branding is necessary: unless this is a real start from zero, which is very weird, most businesses will need a rebranding alongside a new domain, where content should be moved this or that way.

There are so many situations when web design is necessary. It’s not solely for new starter companies, but it’s also regularly used to re-branding, to implementing new elements in the website and sometimes simply to refresh content. This is essential because the older the content gets the lesser indexed it’s deemed to become, unless it’s optimized with a steel will and determination to keep the rankings no matter what.

In the upcoming chapter I will talk about the importance of optimized structuring. And don’t forget, design and SEO services in Vadodara work together on creating your online success. That’s why it’s essential to find a digital marketing company which offers both these services, to have it all under control.

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