Golden rules of When Using Keyword for Optimization

Blogging is a lot of fun, even if you don’t have any hidden agenda (like making money) behind it. You can get ahead and your blogs can get plenty of recognition over time, but ranking and organic search wise if they are not “prepared” to be found, then they have a way lesser chance of ever becoming high ranked and wouldn’t it be great if it ever was? And all it takes is to learn how exactly to use one key component of SEO that just cannot be overlooked as it’s the spine, the core of the whole process. Yes this post will be about the so oft talked about keywords.

When it comes to this specific subject everyone seems to know what it’s all about because the concept is simple. Yeah these are those words which people enter in the search section of an engine and the results which come up are all targeting those specific words, making them keywords.  But the fact of the matter is, that when it comes to us actually applying these in a targeted way in our blogs many of us suddenly starts to feel lost, empty and without much of an idea how to really make this happen.

How to find out about your keywords?

This takes some specific attention and lots of thoughts and thinking. First of all, you need to make a collection, a group of words which can best describe your content. Then you should do the same to all the posts in your blog. It doesn’t only seem tedious, it requires tons of time. No matter many people decide not to even try to deal with this and just leave it to the professionals.

Now, after you have made a collection of yours make a selection and do a prioritization list according to the words’ importance.

Important to note:  this isn’t about one single word, it’s generally two or even three words. When talking about long-tailed keywords they can even be more words but something specific added to the general variation.

Keyword Tool software

After you have your small list, a new task is ahead: you need to sit down, download a SEO keyword software or ask a SEO company in Mumbai. The target is always having the combo that has the highest search results. This means these are the most popular to be looked for by everyone. That’s why these can help you the most with a good ranking in organic results.


After you have your choice, you need to apply generic keywords and post-related keywords. You cannot use the same keywords for every post or you will drive the crawlers crazy and they end up not indexing your site at all.

Last but not least, apart from this experiment, ask a good SEO company Ludhiana to help you and learn from how they apply the keywords at their end. In my next post I will continue with some golden rules, with a sort of “ do and don’t” staying with this same subject.

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