Useful content strategy that helps you to attract traffic

This time around I’d like to write a little more on content and content strategy because for a blogger nothing is more important than content. I ’d like to share a couple of tips and hacks with you as to how to get successful while writing.

There are tons of blogs out there and literally I don’t think there is any topic you cannot find at least a few blogs about. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot bring something new even if you plan to write about the same topic.

Golden rules of writing:

  • Don’t write to others, write for yourself:  the fact of the matter is, you ought to write about topics you like. And you have to love writing a lot. If you don’t, then blogging is definitely not for you.
  • Market research:  You can look around to see if there is anyone else writing about the same sort of topic but not to copy from them only to learn from them ( given they are successful at all). Do not stress this too much though. There are so many blogs out there, most of them are not really successful at all, that I wouldn’t even stress all too much about who else is writing about it. If you have your heart in it it will be ok. Some even go to the lenghts of checking their keywords’ overall popularity. I would say it’s going way too deep in analytics. If you really want everything to be analyized to the guts then really leave this part on SEO companies in Canada.
  • Long tailed keywords give you more change to diversify your range of topics. An example to long tailed keyword is for instance:  base: „Strategies” – long-tailed keyword: „Strategies for bloggers”. And then later on, I can easily switch bloggers with any other relevant job I’d like to. This gives me the comfort to know that there are tons more topics I will be able to write about in the future.
  • Don’t necessarily fall for the trends, rather write about something which always stay interesting: For instance: today everyone in the world will talk about Hurricane Matthew. But by next week, it’s likely to become a topic noone wants to hear about because it’s overally not a pleasant one. But everyone does love to read about beautiful places to visit. This is what we call evergreen topic and this is always the direction I suggest everyone to go.  There are tons of such topics. Today’s most popular blogs and videos are the hacks and the DIYs.

This is a topic which I’d like to elaborate more on because this is the core of blogging and content is key to a blog. Also this has a key importance when it comes to the process of indexing and how crawlers generally work. Check out the second part of this chapter where I talk even more about writing. And don’t forget: best SEO companies in Canada can help you tons text-wise and motivation-wise too.

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