How to build up a successful blog

Here in this article I want to share some tips about content marketing strategy and how to build up a successful blog. I will specifically touch on some free blogging sites, with their pros and cons and talk about buying domain and build up your own website.

  • They are a great start: there are sites such as Blogger or WordPress which are fantastic for those who want to start blogging. I know there are many more blogging sites, but out of my own experience, these are the two which really let you do your thing without really paying for anything.
  • They help you learn the basics of page design:  WordPress is great in this sense. You can literally build up your own page. You can experiment until the point you say ok this is what I want my blog to look like. You can edit all aspects as much as you like. It takes time, but if you are interested in web design, this is a good inspiration for you to carry on learning too.
  • They have tons of free templates to work with:  Blogger is the best in this sense.  They have templates according to your taste and according to the topic you want to write about. And you can customize them as much as you like all the do is to give a basic frame for your work. Plus if you are lazy you can leave it at that you will have a pretty good looking blogging site by default.
  • They teach you about optimization:  search engine optimization is important. Maybe in the beginning you don’t pay much attention to it. Who needs keywords and keyword based content after all?  Well, you do have keyword based content whether you want it or not, it’s the lead topic you choose. Many people think SEO is way more complicated than it really is.  It’s not that hard to do, only have to pay attention to a few things.
  • WordPress SEO package:  If you want to be the same level with the work of SEO experts Montreal, this is a huge opportunity for you to learn how to intertwine web design with optimization. There will be more than a hundred of aspects you can work on to make your content optimized. So try to keep it easy and do fragments as and when.
  • Motivate you to learn about HTML. This is the format that’s best preferred by the indexing crawlers and this is the format all free blogs are using too. Also, any ways you want to edit your blogs, sooner or later you won’t be able to avoid touching the HTML of the design. This happens when you need to insert codes in the HTML in order for other tools to help your content.

SEO experts Montreal can help you a great deal with all sorts of design and optimization issues once you get overly confused on what and when to learn about. Hope you liked this article and that it helps you understand the basics of optimization.

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