What is and isn’t SEO?

After giving it a thought I thought to come out with an article, that specifically concentrates on a couple of misunderstandings about search engine optimization. Over the past twenty years the whole practice has taken a 180 degree turn in terms of its (legal) toolset but some things never change. So, let’s take a different look at optimization this time around and let’s clear up a couple of misunderstandings.

It is no magic

The whole process gives your site lots of opportunities to stand out and its optimization will make it much more easily traceable and findable, most importantly it will make it much more enjoyable , easy to navigate and overall free of issues other websites may have when it comes to quality. Yet, SEO is no guarantee.  Legal White Hate SEO gives the opportunity but it cannot force crawlers to make the website surely go on first page search results.

It is no marketing

It’s not what you can read about in PPC management software reviews or any paid marketing related pages. What I mean on this is, that optimization will not sell your products and will not create the catchy, promotional phrases which marketing uses, to make a transaction happen. What it does is help a website to organically reach a good ranking, based on its content quality and keyword strategy. That’s also why it’s so often used jointly with marketing: it prepares the ground for a page to stand out, then enters marketing to strategically start selling the product or the brand.  Can you go solely with optimization if you are to sell a product? Yes, you can try but you will need to wait a lot. Without promotion even the best website will rarely get the popularity it needs from a business perspective.

It can help your business but not without you walking the walk

This practice can help you big deal in terms of online success and popularity, but let’s not forget about what counts the most:  the actual quality of the services you provide. This is something one must talk about because too much focusing can easily derive attention from the more important aspects. If your busines is not backed by a trustworthy service or products, then no fake reviews ( let’s be honest, many experts work with a given nr of people who will give positive reviews upon request)  in the world will be able to mask that after a while.  But that’s exactly it’s better to leave it to a referenced professional: you will have time to better your product until your online activity is being taken care of by a good digital marketing company

Keep these in mind and be realistic when it comes to both marketing and optimization. It can help you, but only up to a certain point. Tend your business get information of the best affiliates networks and make the next step towards online relevance when you surely feel the time has come for that.

More Info : https://www.10seos.com/


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