SEO 101: networking and link building

Generally speaking when it comes to networking most people will know what one ’s talking about: it’s a way of communicating others keeping in mind, that knowing people of definite professions or positions can have a good effect on our career and perhaps also on their career. In order to find out how this cooperation can be fruitful, the two parties should consider cooperation. And this is where we arrive to our real point: link building that’s basically equal to networking that’s mostly happening over the internet. Link building specialists are the PR managers of Search Engine Optimization. This time around I’d like to show you a few tricks which you can also try here and there, if you want to find out how this whole process works.

What exactly is link building?

The name of the game is, anyone who mentions your business, specifically if they hyperlink you, the two of you will be connected. And the more site does this, the higher the number of links to your site will become. This counts a lot in how your website is perceived on the long haul and also it plays a very important role in the ranking of your website as well.

There are tons of ways to get links to your website, but what everyone needs to pay attention to is, to keep an eye on the quality of the websites you are linked to. This brings up the following question:

Is link building totally in my hands?

This is a very legit question many might be wondering about. As written above anyone who mentions your website or your website’s link creates a connection between the two of you. This however also works the other way round. Anyone who mentions you, without you knowing about them also counts as a link. This is also called as a backlink. You do need to pay attention to all the links you don’t know about, because if spammy sites link to you, it will affect your rankings pretty negatively. Luckily, there are plenty of  SEO ecommerce software and other optimization related programs which were created to find out about all these things.

Some important things to be aware of before starting to „collect” links

  • Never confuse link building with paid promotion: including all sorts of ads, PPC and other marketing tactis performed by many of the best call tracking companies. That’s paid promotion and as such it belongs under marketing. And marketed websites won’t get indexed and ranked because Google wants only those pages ranked which organically deserve it.
  • The number of links you get or collect only count until they are all legit, non spammy and quality if not authoritative (important) websites. This has changed since the old days and some SEO experts still didn’t get the memo.
  • There are segments which are just better to straight out mark as a „no-follow” especially when it comes to pages where comments are enabled.

Link building is an art and not every SEO companies deal with it on a high level. There are many ways you can also connect organically so don’t stop reading and learning about link reading.

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