SEO 101: keys to success

This time around, I’d like to elaborate on some of the keys to success in terms of a website’s or pages’ optimization, from the point of view of site structuring done by SEO Company York that plays a very important role in the whole process. This will be a list, I hope everyone will understand.

Next to content and links the one criteria each site must fit is to have the best possible form and shape to basically let itself to be found by whoever chooses the keywords previously applied for the site or for the page.

Let’s see what the most critical success factors of site structure analytics are:

Site structuring is the core work of an expert SEO company York and this is where it all begins alongside analytics before one starts working on your website. The below elements will be deep inspected and will all be fixed. That’s also why many experts offer full web design services as re-structuring a website is sometimes much harder than simply creating a new website that suits all structuring requirements.

  • Checking for site errors: dead or erroneous hyperlinks, spammy looking page URL, duplicate content, !xx errors, duplicate or missing title tags, missing descriptions, missing ALT tags for images and robot txt settings that won’t let crawlers get through are all discouraging crawlers to properly index, categorize and value a website or webpage.
  • Robots.txt settings:  this may seem a small thing but it is in real very important: through the robots’ settings one can define if the page or content is set to be indexed or not. If a „nofollow” attribute is defined over here, it sends a message to the crawlers not to index the website at all.
  • Ensure indexing status:  analyses which pages get to be indexed with a higher frequency and how to ensure all pages would get the best ever indexing results
  • Sitemap is key to structure: a good sitemap is basically what it say: a map to your website to help users and crawlers find all the content they are looking for. Sitemap has to be devised and it can also be sent over to search engines through separate websites or channels to make indexing even easier.
  • Overall loading speed: using of Flash, gifts and large images does very badly for websites. Through analytics this can be cut back and ensure that every page loads with maximum speed. This is a very important aspect to a good website.
  • Meta elements:  meta-tags are optimizing experts’ long-term weapons but as they are easy to abuse, they are not used anymore. However meta-descriptions, title tags are still used and play a big role in the indexing and qualifications of a website.

Other aspects includes coding, content and context related ones but most definitely it is the structuring where it all needs to start and that’s what every single SEO company will get started with when they begin the process of optimization. I hope you all could learn from this guide and get motivated to learn about the optimization must-haves and the importance of this whole process in terms of web success.


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