SEO 101: How do crawlers work?

When it comes to the meticulous and often long lasting process of optimization, be it about an entire website or a sole webpage ( landing page for instance) the most important element of the whole action is often forgotten:  what do the search engine bots do, why and how they do the indexing and ranking. So, this time around I’d like to say a few words about this process, along the lines of which also several top rated SEO software moves.

The whole search method starts up with a user typing in one of more keywords. That’s when the work of the crawlers really begin: they have to be very quick. They move along two main sources:

  • New websites they haven’t yet visited – they will scan the site according to the criteria and index the given page or pages sending data to one of the large databases it’s connected to. Of course the process is not this easy: that’s why a page needs to be perfected and optimized for these mini bots to be able to scan and screen them. Otherwise, if they cannot get in, go through or they are forced to halt, they just stop and leave without indexing the page. Same goes for those pages which have the „nofollow” attribute set in its robot.txt section.
  • Already indexed site data:  the bot works as a good librarian, will get to the database and provide results according to the previously setup indexing order.

Of course crawlers move along according to a very strict and very complex set of criteria made out of algorithms and that’s exactly why those who work with optimization has to be always ready to change their approach to the whole operation.  The key to the whole optimizing action is making a website easy to find easy to scan through and easy to categorize. If all this is aligned with a hundred other quality based factors, the crawlers will place the website in a way higher category, meaning next time someone looks for a keyword or two which is the same as the key wording of a website, they will pick your perfectly optimized website as their first, second or third choice.

All in all, if all is done well, your website has a good chance to be featured on the first page results and that’s where all websites want to be. Why is that? It’s because over 90% of all people who conduct a search will not go beyond the first page. This is exactly why SEO is a hard, competitive business and you need a real qualified and verified expert company, to make sure your website will get the attributes to be featured on the first page results too.

Keep in mind that crawlers search per page and per content not per website. A good SEO expert or SEO reseller agency can help all your pages to be optimized enough to have the best chance to be featured in the first page SERPS.

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