Local SEO

Over the past few years there is a segment of search engine optimization that is becoming more and more prevalent over time. This is called Local SEO and there are tons of reasons why you should consider getting it optimized for you, especially if you are a smaller business which offers any sorts of local services. Let’s see what this type of optimization is all about, how the best SEO and the best marketing companies work and what one needs to do to have it ensured.

The „marriage” of Google + and Google maps

The first step every company needs to take if they want to be considered to be included in a local search is to create a business page on Google Plus, more specifically on the My Business page that has direct connection with Google maps and Google +, in fact all these move in the same direction. However, of course the whole process is not that easy, as this feature resulted in thousands of businesses signing up for the same line of business. Logically not all of them can be shown in the results, so the huge search engine had to find out ways to specific a ranking that would decide which business is good enough to be ranked or not.

What you need to do to be ranked well?

  • You need a properly filled and spiced up webpage on G + and on My Business – you can even upload photos, events and further information about your company, but what you cannot do is to avoid:
  • To have your own ( well optimized, rich-in-content) website that is perfectly optimized for mobile searches ( most users today use their portable devices to conduct searches).
  • You need to have good reviews: possibly on the My Business or Google + profile page. This is important as the search engine builds on reviews and gives you a star rating depending on the quality and quantity of those.
  • Your exact location compared to the searchers’ exact location: this counts, especially if the search is more specific to an area within a town, city or village.
  • Your listing in directories, local business pages and on similar pages that can provide you with high quality links or backlinks.
  • You need to make sure that the address and contact informatoin displayed is absolutely correct. One can connect multiple branches to one sole account too.

The core difference between the locally specific and general optimization is, that it’s specifically for those who need real walk-in customers for their business. It best serves the restaurants, hotels, motels, bars and everyone who deals with other hospitality or personal selling based business.

This specific sort of optimization is gaining more and more importance also among online reputation management consultants for the above enlisted good reasons especially if a company deals with hospitality or other real customer based business. If you want to learn more on how to get your website optimized for Local Searches, check out an expert who has specialization in this, as not everyone deals with small business related optimization on the same level.

More info : https://www.10seos.com


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