Advantages of Local SEO

In this chapter I’d like to say a few words on the importance for a smaller, walk-in customer based company to be featured in local search results. Let’s see how did this whole local search get started?

The result of many searches:

It may sound funny but sometimes things are results of small happenings which start to accumulate over time. In this specific case it was a keyword phrase that made it all start. Google has realized people wanted local search results by typing in the „ near me” after the business type they were looking for. This has resulted in the birth of several new features which today enable users to find local businesses more easily and effortlessly. Since 2010 many has changed in terms of both search engines and the whole process of optimization but according to today’s process there are two core things you need:

  • Google Plus account ( extension to My Business) featuring the proper company information
  • A proper website – yes, there is no way to avoid this, not even with profiles on search engines.

Other ranking based factors include the number and quality of reviews by  top press release companies or in  listings in local directories or authoritative pages/ websites and overally website quality. These are still much easier to pull off then to suit the whole arsenal of requirements on the larger web, therefore lots of small businesses already seen the chance in local optimization and have been committed to it ever since.  Let me add that location, street, district or area based searches also do count. Many don’t know, but if one starts a search from a portable device without entering a specific location, then the default will automatically be the searcher’s actual location.

When it comes to optimization you can see that it’s really a word that is being targeted by thousands of watchouts and search engines these days. If you want to find out how severe this situation is, just tweet something using the word „ SEO” or „ Optimization” and I can guarantee you will get at least one or two follows by someone who is dealing with search engine optimization. Of course everything has a good reason behind it.

How to get a good ranking?

  • If you are ranked well with a higher than 3 star rating you will be featured in the so-called „Local Pack” meaning the top 3 search results, that display the following: number of stars, exact address, website, directions and a proper map helping users get to you. Only the top two search results will get the benefit of directions added.
  • Search results for your business show up in:
  • Standard search
  • Maps search
  • G+ and My business search results.

With the help of SEO paired up with top link building services who has specialization in small business SEO, you can quickly get a good ranking in your line of business at your location, all you need is to go and give it a go.

Out of all this you can see why this is so important to show up in the local searches enabling users find you more easily , effortlessly. This results in a higher traffic ( conversion rate basically).

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