Blogger SEO: Important things to consider Part 2

As a follow up to the previous chapter where I was writing about all the important aspects bloggers need to pay attention to, it came out that the list is way longer to include it in one post. So this is the continuation of the previous post.  Let’s see the list:

  • When it comes to plagiarism, also make sure you do not include photos which are copyrighted. You can get in trouble for that, plus it can also switch your AdSense account off in an instant.
  • Try to learn some HTML: as the blogs are written in HTML and that’s the preferred language in terms of indexing it’s not a bad idea for you to go through at least a starters’ course to learn the basics.  There are several websites offering free online courses and it will serve you in the future.
  • Take care of your permalink and page links:  make sure no numbers or weird characters are involved in the URLs of your blogs.
  • Meta descriptions:  This is the place where you need to provide a brief and possibly keyword rich description on what the post is about. This is important for a crawlers to be able to index your page more easily.
  • And last but not least: start with WordPress: this is one of the most mentioned free blog platforms for multiple reasons:
    • You can buy your permalink anytime. This way you will have your own domain.
    • It has its own set of SEO tools which will guide you through the whole process.
  • The best, customer friendly and free SEO tool without the need to download from anywhere is Google’s Analytic. Later on, it can be paired up with other important applications, also on Google but this one is a great start all on its own. It will deliver hundreds of details for you so it’s highly suggested to read the help section to help you how to find what you are looking for, how to update your settings and how to pull data.  You will need someone with Coding Experience to connect your blog with this tool.  You can have an expert SEO in York do it for you.
  • Analytic tools: it’s easy to say in the beginning that you just cannot pay attention to learning more on your audience, visit times and demographic details but these are very important because this is the key to so many things in the future. Let me quickly include a few:
    • Finding your key audience
    • Finding your ideal posting times – this is when the highest number of people are open to reading your posts therefore it’s so important to pay attention to these times, they can really play a huge role in your blog’s success.

This is still just the beginning and indeed it may seem all too much for someone, who just wants to write to deal with. That’s why many bloggers decide to start up with a well trusted SEO in York Company who can deal with the default page optimization and overall website design in the same time.

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