Blogger SEO 101: the beginning

Blogging has become a real, proper profession in the past 5 years. Today, bloggers don’t only write just for the fun of it, but they also get some great sponsors ( if they do their things well) and many of them later on also decide to enter in blogging, where YouTube also offers some good deals in terms of income for all those, who really have something to say. In this chapter I’d like to say a few things and give a few suggestions how to start up with SEO in Milton Keynes when you are a blogger, with giving some key points to take into consideration.

Things to take into consideration when starting a blog:

  • I know that there are many blog sites which give the opportunity for bloggers to start up, but if someone wants to take it to the next level, he/she needs to consider getting her own domain and website for the blogs. This of course will not be for free and it’s hard to invest in something you are not sure whether it will pay off or not, but the upside of it all is, that Ad Sense can be obtained for self-owned URLs pretty easily and you can customize the ads there for them to totally suit your blog’s topics. Getting your own domain equals to the real startup to branding.
    • Notable exception: WordPress!

You can start WordPress for free and you can acquire a domain anytime you want. With a high quality free SEO package this is a great start for everyone who’s interested in page design and blogging in the same time.

  • Blogging takes time and effort to bring success. Most bloggers have to wait for at least a year before their work will start to pay off.
  • Optimization from blogging point of view is pretty much the same as in the case of other websites but there are a couple of things to concentrate on a little bit more, this includes keywords, anchor texts, meta descriptions, title tags and overall HTML design.
  • Only start your blog once you have it all together. This means you need a proper topic, design and content quality in order to make sure that it will pay off.
  • The good thing about starting with free blogging sites is, that many of them will practically teach you how to deal with basic optimization settings, plus they also have templates ready for you. This way you can go ahead and start customizing yourself.

There are so many things to take into consideration when starting a blog, which might be pretty disturbing at the start, especially for one who really want to create something lasting and a good read for everyone. But optimization has a key importance in a blog becoming super successful. Many SEO in Milton Keynes experts now deal with bloggers as a separate group with special needs and there are companies which can also deal with the design aspects for you. Check out the internet to find the best SEO expert for your needs.

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