SEO 101: The importance of local SEO

Over the past few years, with the growing importance of Google’s all sorts of apps, specifically Google Maps, there has been a new sort of need for  small businesses: specifically service providers and suppliers to be present in the display results Google Maps displays for any specific regions. The optimizing process for this exact feature can be done by any Local SEO Company and it’s beginning to become so prevalent that it’s now a service, that’s specifically offered by experts. Let’s discuss how small businesses can profit from Local SEO and what they need to do in order for their website to qualify for this.

The core of Local SEO:

The focus here is totally on locally based services, the services of which are offered according to geographical locations (looking for a Café in a street in a city for example). Thanks to Google Maps’ newest service, when users conduct mobile searches for a place they want to visit, this will display a great result of places in that specific area. This is worth gold for all these small businesses, therefore no one wants to be left behind when it comes to being displayed in Google’s search results.

How to get started?

  • The first step is, to take a look at your website: and see how it displays when someone wants to have it displayed on a mobile device. As people do the majority of browsing via mobile phones it’s essential for a website has to be responsive: meaning they can display perfectly on any device.
  • Get yourself a Google Business account on Google+ to be „in the mix”
  • Make sure your address is fully displayed on your website and on Google+
  • Set up social media profiles and depending on your business-line make sure you either post beautiful photos or great content articles related to your business. Social media presence is key to your success. Facebook has tons of great business analytic features you can use. It’s called insights and it can be an extremely big help in establishing your key audience in order to be able to do online promotions for the right people.
  • Earn good reviews: in form of great services provided (and learn to deal with the bad ones with a successful customer service- many bigger Digital Marketing companies can help you with this). Be present on quality review platforms.
  • Make sure to avoid duplicate listing related problems: this points to any duplicate or copied content.
  • Link building with higher quality or hierarchy institutes for you to get linked to the proper companies’.
  • Get citations: the highest their number the better your choices for good ranking will become.

These are the basic must-haves for you if you would like your website to be counted in for Google’s map results for your line of business in your area. Get in touch with a Local SEO Company to help you set all these up for your business.

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