SEO 101: link building questions

Link building draws in tons of questions, which are often being discussed by Digital marketing companies all around the world and this is regarding the lines of businesses which are easier and those which are harder to promote online. Now, of course SEO Company California can do the optimization irrespectively. But when it comes to link building, which is somewhere in-between, the tasks can get considerably harder. Let’s enlist some ways of link building and some companies which have a bit of an easier task when it comes to this.

Ways of link building:

Basically, any connection you create between you and a website that’s deemed a link. If a website quotes you, mentions you with your web link or straight –up writes about you than that’s a link. If you get a link in the comment section of your blog, that’s also a link. The core difference between links and backlinks is the directions they are initiated from:

  • Links: if another website decided to quote you or write about you
  • Backlink: when you write about another company also including their web link, commenting, quoting also belongs in this category.

What are the companies which have it easier when it comes to link building?

This is hard to tell because it’s really depending on the line of business you are in. From marketing and online leverage point of view the following business can build out successful links and relationships online the easiest way:

  • Anything fashion related
  • Anything crafts related (arts, photography, modeling, handmade, artwork etc.)
  • Travel related
  • Hospitality business (restaurants, hotels etc.)
  • Cosmetics related
  • Electronics related

 Mind you this doesn’t close out any business, but the upper mentioned topics are the most fashionable ones being discussed on a daily basis. No matter what you do, the link builder always needs to check on

  • The highest authorities in your business: pages, writers, journals whose content are largely read and relied on
  • Famous schools
  • Huge and important directories in the topic

 Of course, as this is an effective process many want to just find a way to get around things: 

  • There used to be a very well-known practice of buying links, mentions or quoting of prestigious websites which would work very well until it gets found out about. This is illegal business practice.
  • Back in the day when the emphasis was on the number of the links, experts were specifically used for this reason. They created more and more ghost websites for the sake of linking. There were tons of this on the internet some ten years ago. This practice is called link farming.
  • The forced linking:  comments with links that don’t make sense? We all know this and that’s exactly why these happen

Today’s linking goes in much more of a direct way employing communication techniques, baiting ( writing about a prominent site in some way and form and this way politely making them give you a mention if they will) Don’t forget that link building is a real artwork which require focused work of an expert SEO Company California to do it correctly.

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