SEO 101: link building basics

When it comes to getting ahead in Google’s rankings, it’s not enough to have the right keywords any longer. There are several certain, enlisted or not enlisted attributes a website needs to adhere to in order to be taken into consideration. This one I’d like to talk about is one that is considered more of an art that’s based on vast experience and is normally only exercised on a high level by the best experienced SEO consulting services. This is called link creation.

After you get to read more and more about search engine optimization and its related methods, you will sooner or later tend to notice to words consistently coming up. One if the word „link-building” the other is the word „backlinks” so, what are these, how to understand them, how to control and apply them? Let’s see in this article

What is link building?

It is a tool which is not easy to comprehend to, partly because it seems so easy to understand and then will make you feel getting lost in the details and then starting to understand why it’s been said that this is the hardest segment of a SEOs job.


  • Link building is the way to „make” other, more prestigious websites mention the website you want to get mentions. Mentioning it, giving a link about one of its content is worth gold in terms of marketing.
  • Why is this good? As in real life: the more people talks about you the more famous you become
  • In terms of knowledge: the more people share your information the more authoritative it can become, until one get into an „expert” status.
  • The main task of building link is next to building worthy relationships they also raise the given website’s leverage and ranking.
  • According to experts, Google+ reactions will soon have a much greater importance then they do today.

The ultimate target

The ultimate target of link building is to make others appreciate what you do, due to the high quality of your content and business services. This is often overlooked in the huge competition but this is the core of organic link building.

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How can link building help you?

  • It can help a great deal with brand building
  • It has the potential to make you far more popular than before
  • It will expose your business to a far larger potential clientele
  • Your leverage will substantially grow
  • And last but not least: the highest number of good quality links you have, the better your ranking becomes.

But in order to achieve all this, you will need quality links, not just any links. And that’s exactly where the expertise of SEO consultants comes in the picture. Link making is an important job and it’s also a hard job to do. It can take weeks or months to organically build out links for a website which has several methods, and tools, most often encompassing lots of research, analytics and communication. Learn more about quality link making as your ranking depends highly on your links.

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