Link Building 101: List of alternative link building

There are lots of ways to build links even if you are not exactly a SEO expert. In this section I will post a list of quick resolution then will elaborate on other easier methods for you to be able to get good quality links to your website.

The list of the quick ’n easy linking:

    • Blogs and comments which don’t yet have the nofollow attribute given to them
    • Articles in online journals
    • Directories
    • Widgets and infographic widgets
    • Profile pages
    • Guestbooks
    • Signatures on various forums
    • Non-moderated directories

Let me add however that many of these are getting relatively rare these days because most of them get the nofollow attribute. So, let’s see some other ways.

  • Create your directory: who has told you that you cannot create a directory? Noone, so you may go around and start working on one ( or get a digital marketing company do it for you).
  • Create your blog: blogs can either get to the social media sites straight away or they will get posted in Google + which is an ever growing community with a huge number of viewers. According to some the G+ is to be the future in terms of ranking therefore it’s important that you make a business profile on My Business and make sure you are linked to Google.
  • Create a news site or media directory: if you have lots of money or time to dedicate to this, you can create one or more websites for top reseller programs which are working independently but you can make these link to you. Content and web design is a must however.

Some grey hat techniques: this means they are bordering on illegit practices but these are so hard to notice that generally noone does.

  • Buy up expired websites which have smilar keywords and make them a complete website that eve ntually relates to your site but has its own content. This way the trick cannot be spotted.
  • Get to charities and give them some donation, write a nice article about them and send it to them. These should be small organizations or you won’t have much of a success.

Look around locally:

  • There are lots of businesses ( in fact most small businesses) who can get some pretty good credentials and links if they look around. Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce can also mention you ( especially the latter, the former is important registration wise)
  • Check out if you can get links from other local business authorities or directory related websites ( this really depends on the exact business for hospitality sites for instance there are tons of reservation based or other top SEO software review sites where they can be mentioned or included).

These are only a few out of the hundreds of techniques which a very good link building SEO can work for your website. Learn about link building for them and see how many quality links they can get for your website.

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