Complete knowledge of Backlinking methods

Backlinking works with similar methods to linking:  anchor links, mentions, quotes, comments, list of references are considered backlinks from the other website’s point of view. If you are a lawyer for instance, with the help of today’s sophisticated analytic tools by specialized law firms SEO services both can be checked and controlled in a way and up to a point.

By creating backlinks, you can indirectly can get closer to actually earn valuable links, as backlinking, anchoring and referencing another site is all advertisement for that particular site.

Other link building methods include:

  • Blogging
  • Guest blogging
  • Ego Baiting:  this is a gambling that also includes shameless advertising of some people in question ( those who you think can help you a lot with linking)  many people will feel enlightened enough to thank this with a mention. But not all of them. ( good examples are the top 10 posts)

Ego baiting is a very often used method and it’s still proving to be quite successful. Who doesn’t like to be written about all for free? However the results are always unsure and this method works more in the case of bloggers, not businesses of other kind

Blogs can give a great start for boosting a website’s traffic and in case of more direct methods, these visits can also turn into direct business possibilities too. The secret of the whole process is to learn how to effectively network without bringing up any money or other forms of „payment” because that’s been deemed illegal, especially in the United States.

There are many to-dos you can act upon: all in all you write the Ego bait piece and then you can let the website or company know that they were mentioned in a positive light in one of your Top Ten posts. The letter (email) you write can also mention that it would be great if the website of the company would treat your content as to showing it off as a positive comment. Which is a great idea.

There however experts who advise on following up systematically with these companies and remind them to repost your content if they feel like. I personally don’t believe in this tactic: it reminds me of the windshield washers by red lamps who wash your windshield without you asking for it then demand money for that unwanted work.

As you can see backlinking and link building are quite similar, they are the different sides of the same coins and you can give a try with them once you make sure of the following:

  • You follow the advice of either a well accomplished and professional SEO services for law firms
  • You follow such content which is authoritative over the others: this is important because out of 1000 sites at least 500 will tell you different things than the other did, which will ultimately confuse you and make you stop

Keep all this in mind and continue to learn about Search Engine Optimization. Step by step, it will help you to see what you can further optimize your content to become relevant with organic methods.

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