SEO 101: Link bait essentials

This time around I’m here to share some of the most important know-how you can get to learn about a term called link baiting. This is a lesser talked about segment of optimization because plainly you got to put a whole lot on the table for this one, no matter you are a professional writer and has the top 10 SEO software or not. I can barely give you good examples to link baits yet of course there are many out there, only in all sorts of different subjects.

What is link bait?

Link bait is not a process per se it’s a characteristic of a web content which is so really good, that other sites want to link to it organically, all by themselves. This means we are talking about a content which is exceptionally great, written very well, paired up with outstanding photos and the outcome causes waves. This type of content needs to be promoted too for sure, but thanks to how good it is, people just get to know about it and once they do they start sharing it without any further ado.

Needless to say, this is the dream for everyone who’s working on web content but it’s a very big challenge to pull off, especially when it’s a post about a business. Let’s be honest, you cannot really do that outstanding in connection with a plumbers business and if you do, you need to get in book writing as soon as possible.

Hereby I will include some of the qualities the perfect bait needs to have:

As for its qualities

  • It should be about a trendy topic, subject or should involve it
  • It should be about one evergreen topic (just like SEO) or at least include it – even plumbing can be brought together with Cancun holiday or other beautiful places
  • Should be in the right place in the right time – any post can get lost when it’s not posted in the proper time.
  • It should be very well written  – engaging, exciting or simply funny style
  • It should be easy to understand
  • Personalized style is always the best
  • Have it as a Top 10 or Top 20 or Top 50. People are fond of lists

As for its outlook

  • Give it a good , easy to read font-style and size
  • Make it easy to read
  • Use exceptionally great images in it

As for its promotion

  • Target influencers
  • Offer freebies or other discounts
  • Share them as and when and ask others to share it too

While Digital marketing companies and SEO reseller programs generally have copywriters working for them, to be able to fill your website with lots of quality content within a short time and can also guarantee to give them a good promotion, this is also a question of luck. However it also serves as a pretty good target to relate to. Therefore I’d definitely advise you to connect with some experts and see which one of them can offer the best services for you, also in terms of link building and content building.


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