SEO 101: Grey SEO tactics

What do we call grey SEO? To be the clearest all the hat colors, namely black and white refer to the ethical choices in terms of enable someone’s ranking. Sometimes unethical methods are used because the client needs quick results for a short terms of time and sometimes white methods are benefiting, especially if someone wants long-term and safe results. What about grey hat? It’s everything in-between. Normally these methods can be called tricky but they vary from being smart to bordering totally unethical. But the most important for you to understand is, that the competition is real and it is huge. That’s why some use questionable methods, when SEO companies in Dubai paid very well for it.

Not that I support these methods, but even Digital Marketing companies have to live from something and in case of rankings, there is huge money on the line. Let’s see what methods can be considered grey hat: from the lightest grey to the darkest.

  • Gossip websites – Top Ten websites: are extremely trendy and drive huge amounts of traffic. It’s almost not interesting whether they tell the truth or not. If you build one such website and constantly refresh it with fake but interesting sounding news, then you can get a good ranking pretty quickly.
  • Keyword game: there’s a specific manipulation method to fabricate keywords or long tailed keywords from two or more words which don’t really fit together. This is a very advanced technique.
  • Get your pets online: creating social media accounts for your pets is surprisingly successful! People love cute animals and you get a double number of followers basically. Promotion goes way more successfully through these sites plus it’s a great link6backlink to your own website.
  • Share, share and share – you ought to promote your own website, so do it, if you have time, then several times a day.
  • Offer vouchers on your website – related to your business preferably. You can get vouchers from any websites and people do love vouchers so you can count on a good growth of traffic.
  • Using subscription –based website to hide duplicate content – a more evolved way to cloaking, the starting question (normally age related) will lead the visitors to two very different websites. One of these is the completely optimized, while the other is the one with the real content.
  • Redesign and reinvent your website frequently: this way it will seem way newer and fresher than it really is.
  • Comment on blogs ranked way higher than yours and then link it back to yours.
  • Squatting: this is about buying old or expired web links, built on your keywords, give them some new design and some content and then link them all to your website. This way you have links and they don’t come from spammy resources.

These were some of the grey techniques out f the many more, I wanted to say a few words about. I however want not to be the one to encourage you to try some of these, so, consult a good Ajman SEO with tons of good reviews and a good appreciation to see how they can help you.

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