SEO 101: everything about Link Juice

There is a common term within SEO PPC management community which has been used at a high frequency and I have always wondered what it can mean. This is the so-called „ Link Juice” I have decided to look into finding out all the more about this phenomenon and managed to come up with tons of explanations. This time I will do my best to try to explain to you what this term means and how you can make use of it.

What is Link Juice?

This is basically the positive factor a web link has and this is basically a value that can also be converted into numerical value with the help of the Page Rank and Domain Rank factors. The whole idea behind this all is, that each page has a difficult set of attributes and a different ranking as such. This means if you post a link of one of your other pages that do extremely well in a page that doesn’t do as well, it will pass on part of its success (aka link juice) to this page and makes it much more popular.

To make it clearer this whole process is internal and goes on within the website in question so it can even be called internal link building.

Can it ever be used externally?

Yes it can be, especially by ways of commenting, leaving remarks, quoting.

How can you be able to state which your pages are with more link juice?

Well it’s very easy, those are the highest visited pages within your website. You can find them easily with any better analytic tool, Google’s Analytics included.

This means the whole term has a lot to do with rankings and from the point of view of the total website it’s best to apply some measures to make their link juice more even. Let’s see some of these steps

  • Internal search for keywords
  • Create anchor text from keywords – strategically
  • Make a table from all your placement and hyperlinking efforts so that you know where you stand.

Why is balancing important?

Because the website ranking algorithm will draw an average my measuring the popularity of each one of the pages on a website. If one’s high but all the rest is way lower than the ranking average will be way lower too. That’s why passing this „juice” on to other pages which don’t do that good is vital for your website.

Juice has a direct relation to the science of link building that’s a pretty professional and meticulous process, therefore it’s not really something to start alone but you can definitely experiment and find out your juice with some analytic tools that tells you about your single page rankings.

This all boils down to two things: your website’s overall quality and your website’s promotion. These are the two most important factors in terms of your online success and this is where SEO has come in the picture. Ranking always depend on quality and promotion so it’s your time to find the best email marketing service in your close area to help you with your optimization.


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