SEO 101: copying, spinning or duplicating

With this topic we will be entering on the swampy grounds of Grey Hat and Black Hat Search Engine Optimization. Known for its legal name as plagiarism, the stealing of others knowledge either in written or in spoken form is an act that exists on every level. All the experts dealing with SEO for real estate which deal with the creation of web content are very familiar with all the ways one can adopt and report knowledge that comes from other websites. In this article, we will discuss why it’s still widely used, why people do it and also on the ways it can be stopped.

Let’s define the meaning of each word:

Plagiarism: being illegal under the law, this consists of stealing others’ content or any sort of intellectual property and represent it as one’s own. This can equal sentences, a fragment of a whole substance and also the whole of the content.

Copying:  copying content from one site to the other is still an issue, regardless of the crawlers being very quick in realizing a content is a copy. This can mean copying of website or webpage text to another URL or presenting it under the same URL but on another page.

Duplicate content:  this is the common way of calling copied content. Crawlers instantly sense duplicate content and generally punish a page by totally leaving it out from the rankings.

Spinning:  This is the trickier one: this means the copying of content but changing some of its words and expressions so that it doesn’t look like a copy at all. There is a whole set of software that have been designed specifically for spinning but many of these don’t work well yet. Manual spinning however is an act that’s extremely hard to pick up on.

Spinning is considered Grey hat or Black hat technique, depending on the level of its vagueness and also on the level of it being found out.

Why are these techniques good?

Longer time ago, SEO experts used these techniques with a great success. What else can be quicker to generate a new website with content then to grab any given content and copy and paste in the new pages?  Today, it’s spinning that’s being used and it’s fully Grey Hat, especially if the new content is re-written and taken from multiple different resources. One will never find this one out.

How to defend against copies and duplicates:

Same as with the hottest optimization software out there, there are some which one can use at home, or you can also contract a proper expert who will preemptively scan the internet for any possible duplicates as these programs are capable of showing duplicates.

It’s always highly advised that you get in touch with an expert SEO real estate who will know how best to defend while also optimize the website to a point where it will be very easy to see if content is copied from it. Some may also protect their content from being copied and pasted right away.

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